How To Avoid Food Temptations While On Holiday

Following a diet while you’re in the comfort of your own home is hard enough, but it can be nearly impossible to avoid food temptations while you’re on holiday. When you’re on vacation, there so many temptations and other factors working against you and your diet plan. From the constant restaurant dining, the odd hours, […] Read more »

How an Average Woman Should Get in Shape

Isn’t watching TV sometimes depressing? You see various infomercials touting all of these diet and weight loss programs. Each one features a woman who lost an amazing amount of weight in a short time and now flaunts this great bikini body. You listen to them say, “It was so easy!” Then at the bottom of […] Read more »

How to prepare yourself for weight loss

“The Do’s before you begin Weight losing mission!” Ever wondered why “weight loss” is the most sought after resolutions all over the world? Ever wondered why the health and fitness industry is in boom and an all time high? Ever wondered how the cosmetic world of losing weight is conquering the natural ways of healing […] Read more »

Combating the Stress of Modern Life

Stress has never been given a higher precedence, be it in the media, medical or business environment. Its negative effect on human health is only becoming more apparent and stress is now proving fatal to many people across the globe. For this reason combating stress has now become a massive industry in many sectors and […] Read more »