Top 3 Exergames (Exercise Games)

Top 3 exergames. What are ‘exergames’? Exergames is a term that has been coined for the next generation games that use the whole body to ‘play a game’ that is usually fitness related. They are a fantastic way of getting kids up and moving and also getting families together with the intention of fun and […] Read more »

7 Little Known Fitness Facts

Whether you are regular gym goer already or are thinking of getting fit, you may be interested to learn a few facts about fitness aside from the well-known benefits of a fitness regime! This post has been put together to entertain and educate gym bunnies and newbies alike, so take a read through and discover […] Read more »

Post-Workout Tips: Here’s What You Should Eat After Exercising

Everyone knows that exercise is one of the most crucial factors that greatly influence your health. People who want to be in top shape make it a habit to work out, usually following a stringent exercise routine that helps them acquire a number of benefits, like a well-functioning immune system, proper weight management, and increased […] Read more »

7 Easy Steps to Get Back Into Shape

So you want to get back into shape but are not quite sure where to start? Well never fear the answer is here. There is a multitude of ways to get started when we want to get back in shape, from the simple to the expensive. Here are some simple ways to start getting yourself […] Read more »

4 Great Gadgets to Help Nurses Stay in Shape

Nursing is a dynamic and sometimes difficult career. Nurses spend most of the day walking from place to place, helping patients and handling charts. Breaks are rare, and nurses often work extended hours. With all of this work, staying in shape can be a bit of a challenge. A few gadgets, however, can help nurses […] Read more »

Make Time for You – Exercise!

Weight loss is all about eating right and exercising –that’s it. It may sound simple enough, but for many who want to achieve weight loss results have a hard time balancing that lifestyle. Working out, mixed in with eating right and life. Multi-tasking may not come easily for many, but as long as you focus […] Read more »