The HCG Diet Phase

The HCG Diet Phase Phase 1 – Day 1-3: Binge and begin HCG 1x diet drops. Eat anything and everything you can….especially foods high in fat. This is crucial to build up the fat you will be burning off. Phase 2 – Day 4-43 (max): Begin STRICT 500 Calorie Diet and continue taking HCG 1x diet drops. Drink at least […] Read more »

Hcg Diet The 500 Calorie Diet

500 Calorie Hcg Diet Introduction Doing the Hcg Diet means doing a 500 calorie diet. If you are new to hcg diet, then you should probablyt his calorie diet restrictions. If your thinking about doing the hcg diet, you will have second thoughts about yourself and ask ” Can I do a 500 calorie diet” […] Read more »

Hcg Diet Plan : Should I Start Doing It

HCG Diet Are you considering doing the HCG diet plan? If your answer is YES then remember that commitment and support are the two things that you needed the most to make HCG diet a success. The HCG diet requires a lot of effort and patience in making it successful. A support from your physician, family and friends […] Read more »