RAC weight loss Diet True Story

A long, long time ago,  Only 100 pounds to go!

It all started 4.5 years ago, my dad is diabetic, on high blood pressure meds, a bad knee and bad hip. He weighs 328 pounds. He told me he was going to do the Lap Band surgery to lose weight and it was going to cost him about $1500.

I said dad lets try the RAC weight loss diet with Dr. Wright first, it can help you in other medical ways.  So we did the RAC weight loss  injections and we got a killer deal. RAC weight loss injections you give to your self a daily shot and have a strict diet protocol to follow of 500 calories a day with a food list of meats, veggies, fruits and some grains.

My dad lost 25 pounds in two weeks was doing awesome and my mother lost 15 pounds and I was down 17 pounds myself.

Well my parents drifted of the diet protocol and stop loosing weight; they started gaining their weight back because they went back to their old eating habits.

I reach my goal of 20 pounds, felt great and had baggy clothes again. I hadn’t weighed 179 pounds in 15 years.

Can you imagine losing up to 30 pounds in 30 days, you can.

I was thinking, how can I help others and empower them to reach their weight loss goals and become healthier. The result that we had experience on this diet was like no other. Every morning I woke up and I had lost a pound. How rewarding is that everyday.

So our journey started, the RAC weight loss diet drops 1x started to become popular and affordable. We placed some ads on a local free Internet classified ad site and the calls came in, BINGO.

Then my daughter got involved and her husband. They lost the weight they wanted to and started selling the drops to their friends and their friends referred others to them and it grew and grew. We’re now helping hundreds of people lose weight every month.

We provided the diet instructions they needed along with an 82-page gourmet recipe in eBook format. The instructions are easy to understand and the recipes are fun and tasty nothing at all like what we experienced with the RAC weight loss injections diet protocol.

We started with a homeopathic alcohol formula and tried 2 other RAC weight loss formulas at first. Then we came upon the Vibrational glycerin based RAC weight loss diet drops 1x.

Our customers where experiencing with our diet protocol, losing 1-2 pounds a day.

We had handfuls of people that lost 30 pounds in a month.

Our customers complimented us on our new Vibrational RAC weight loss formula because of the taste (honey flavor) and the built in appetite suppressant and energy boost. They didn’t experience the hunger and or the lack of energy that the homeopathic RAC weight loss diet drops 1x gave them.  Now we have 6 flavors, honey, mint, raspberry, grape, orange and yes even chocolate. Would you like to experience losing 1-2 pounds a day?

Contact us today and we will help you reach your weight loss goals.

Start losing weight  ( link to ,http://bluelineproducts.com/store/rac-combo-reduce-1x-control-10x-assist )

Now we have found a new 3 in 1 RAC weight loss glycerin formula that we are currently selling.

Some of the biggest differences are;

  1. It suppresses the appetite better then any of the other drops we have tried. We have others tell us the same thing.
  2. It gives you an extra boost when you take it. This is great because when you have cut way down on what you are eating a lot of times people complain about being sluggish.
  3. These drops don’t contain alcohol. A lot of people like that better. Alcohol dries the cells.
  4. The shelf life is longer than other brands. 90 days plus.
  5. And we are really excited about this, these drops are as close as you can get to the HGC injections without a prescription.

We now have helped thousands of people reach their weight loss goals!

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