Ten Tips for Women Losing Weight

[pi_YouTube id=YouTube_1381935743]The pressure on women to be slim is huge and most women will have been on a diet at some point in their lives. Many females may have tried and failed with many weight loss programs. The reasons vary from being unhappy with the strict diet to becoming sore from their exercise routine. No […] Read more »

What is HCG Diet Recipes

The HCG diet is a very strict dieting strategy that severely limits caloric intake, for it allows only 500 calories per day. But the dieter can easily be satisfied with it because fat stores are released to provide the energy needed. The foods consumed, which is so little quantities, should be high in protein and […] Read more »

hCG Diet Recipes

Diet Doc hCG diet is amongst the best weight loss diets in the usa. It’s not only beneficial to fat reduction and also has proven good effects on diabetes and hypertension. Diet Doc hCG diet is give in the form or oral medicine and injection, followed by a special eating habits. Following are several recipes […] Read more »