10 Best Slimming Foods

Could you be looking for a miracle diet food? It’s now time to stop that research. The truth is that the biological principles never change. If you take in more calories than what you deserve, you gain weight. There is no miraculous food that will save you from that. There are however some foods that contain just the right amount f water, fiber and energy and are packed with important minerals, nutrients and vitamins that can help you enjoy a healthy diet.


The apple is a portable fruit with high amount of water and contains soluble weight busting fibers. It helps prevent blood sugar spikes through the soluble fibers and also has the insoluble fibers which help to fill-up. There are more slimming benefits when you eat the fruit peel.


These are key sources of proteins, which help in keeping you full. They induce higher satiety keeping you fuller for a longer period of time. They also have long term weight management benefits.


The cauliflower no-starchy vegetable can be eaten in unlimited quantities and still cause no harm in health. The vegetable contains phytonutrient sulforaphane which is cancer fighting as well as vitamin C and foliate.

Low-fat yogurt

A combination of bioactive compounds that are normally found in diary products and calcium increases the rate of fat burning and slows down the process of making fats. Low fat yoghurt with low added sugars taken daily is very healthy.


One of the best foods to take for breakfast is oatmeal. It’s both healthy and satiating keeping you full for a long time. It is also a good source of proteins and contains good fibers.


Peanuts contain both proteins and fats in low levels but the whole package is healthy and can be taken in any amount.


Broth based soup is healthy and can be used to double your rate of weight loss. You can add vegetables to your soup serving to increase satiety


Fish is among the first filling foods (especially white fish) due to its great flavor properties. The protein packed food can be used to reduce your calorie intake per day.


Bulgur helps to increase your level of insulin response and reduces the level of blood sugar spikes. It also contains good fibers rich in vitamins B6 and E.


You can add many filling foods to your salads such as lean proteins, fresh vegetables, healthy fats and beans. Eating salad before lunch helps you reduce your calorie intake than otherwise would be the case.

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