Zumba Review and My Zumba Tricks

I have to say that probably the biggest reason people fail at sticking to their workouts is the lack of motivation and they hate their workouts. So, to solve that problem you need to find a workout that is always moving and always motivating and a hell of a good time! Zumba has become the solution to that problem to millions of people worldwide.

When I say millions, I am not kidding. Zumba has almost a cult following. Any fitness club or gym that wants to keep their members will offer a Zumba class, because if they don’t their members will be flocking to the next nearest gym that does. There is a line of Zumba clothing, a magazine, and since so much of the workout is the music, there is a whole line of CD’s. They even have their own Zumba conventions that are a riot! Never has a workout gone this LOCO!

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So what is Zumba all about? Think salsa, aerobics, and light weight lifting all to the beat of tribal Latin music that makes you want to move. Is it always moving? Yes. Motivation? Double yes. Fun? All those smiling faces couldn’t possibly be wrong.

But Will Zumba Help Me Lose Weight?

There are a few factors to consider when you think about how a fitness routine is going to affect your body. The first one this review will consider is the amount of calories burned. Depending on your age, weight, and gender and the instructor and type of Zumba this can vary, but with Zumba being so high energy, you can be assured that it will beat most other options hands down.

There are other benefits as well. Zumba is cardio and sculpting and will keep your metabolism high, so not only are you burning more calories during the workout but you will burn more calories long after you have stopped shaking it on the dance floor (or gym floor, or carpet, or wherever else you happen to Zumba!)

But coming back to the beginning of this Zumba review, the main reason why this workout has been so successful in helping people lose weight is because it’s addictive, man! Consistency is key to weight loss success and Zumba…ers (I’m not sure what to call them!) can’t wait for their next workout class.

My Zumba Tricks

Zumba is a workout but it is also a dance, so in order to get into the swing of things, you need to start slow and learn the steps. Before you know it, you’ll look like a pro but you have to take the necessary steps to get there and don’t get discouraged along the way.

Zumba is best experienced in a group setting. Nothing gets the heart revved up like smiling faces and great camaraderie with a fun workout like Zumba. Also, it will take the focus off of you. You won’t be feeling silly shaking your booty when everyone around you is doing the same thing. The atmosphere is motivating and fun, just like it was meant to be!

Zumba has also evolved into many different classes. Ask the instructor which one he/she follows most closely. There is the original Zumba fitness party, Zumba toning, which includes some body sculpting with toning sticks, Aqua Zumba, which is just as it sounds, and Zumba in the Circuit, which is a mixture of circuit workouts and Zumba for cardio. Which one you choose will be up to your individual fitness goals and challenges.

The Final Verdict

So is Zumba worth all the hype? This review has made it plain that it’s a blast AND it will blast fat from your body. What more could you possibly ask of a workout? There are no excuses to not try a Zumba class. Like I mentioned before, every gym in their right mind is offering one, and usually at very affordable prices. Don’t live anywhere near a gym? Get the DVD’s, or better yet, play the fitness game on your video game console. There is one for the Wii, the Xbox, and PS3. Just try it, you’ll get hooked. It only takes once, and unlike most other addictive things, this one is good for your body!

Abhishek is a fitness freak. He likes to keep himself very fit and follows a lot of blogs and websites, including www.weightlossthing.com. He is always on the lookout for new ways and diets which one can use to improve fitness.

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