What Happens When You Get Drunk?

Have you ever wondered exactly what’s going on with your body and brain as you get drunk, and then drunker? Alcohol acts as both a depressant and a stimulant on the brain, its effect on various regions of the brain the cause of the large collection of behaviors we typically call “drunk.”

Can you explain what it’s like to feel drunk? Drunkenness affects perception, memory, inhibitions, motor functions and sometimes results in a nasty hangover. Find out here how each drink affects your blood alcohol level based on your weight. You’ll also find a list of the types of drunks, and what blood alcohol level is associated with each.

Enjoying some brews is part of the college experience for most. Come armed with the facts and you’ll have a better idea when it’s time to take it easy and what your body is trying to tell you by the various ways you feel drunk.

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