What Are The Keys To Staying Younger For Longer?

When it comes to staying young, a mind-lift beats a facelift any day, so said Marty Bucella. Well, it could not have been put any better. But wait, is there more to it?

Your mind…

When it comes to staying younger for longer, the first thing you have to do is realize that it has to start with your mind. It has been proven that problems of the mind can lead to ageing. Avoid unnecessary stress and worry in day to day life. There will always be some things that are beyond your control, and no amount of panic and worry will change that.

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Look for a new hobby or a new interest and it will take your mind off things that you cannot control. Some of these worries and fears include fear of terminal diseases, fear of failure, fear of the unknown… you cannot do anything about these things so stop thinking about them! Immerse yourself completely in your hobby.

Another thing to avoid that will unnerve you and eventually give you stress that if not dealt with could lead to depression is gossip. Avoid it like the plague. Keep away from disturbing news. It is good to be informed but if it takes you into a panic, you probably should not be reading or watching it. Always have a good attitude towards people, your work and life in general. Life has a lot to offer. Remember the best things in life are free.

Instead of complaining about things, you have and how you should look, be thankful for what you have and do the best with it, you will be surprised at how jovial you will become, while at the same time shedding years off your appearance.

Your body…

To stay younger for longer, make some lifestyle changes. Change the way you live and you could add years to your life. Some of these simple changes include making a conscious effort to smile; frowning uses less facial muscles than smiling. The best accessory you have on your outfit is your smile anyway, so wear it!

Get involved in a fat burning activity. Take a walk or walk the dog, go for a jog, cycle, join a dance class, play with the children… whatever it is, by all means get moving! Exercising your body will keep it young, much more than pumping borrowed fat into your face.

Another thing you need to do is hydrate! Drinking water is good for you; it flashes out toxins and supports your body functions. Combine this with eating a balanced meal and avoiding junk food and you will notice the difference. If you take time to look through the Internet, you will find healthy recipes that you can make even in just 30 minutes. You can also find healthy snacking options, so you have no excuse!

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Quit smoking. Smoking is detrimental to your skin, discolors your teeth and your nails and above all, kills your lungs. This is not going to be easy but it needs to be done. There is plenty of helpful advice on how to go about quitting smoking.

With this, you will need to take yourself one day at a time. Use a vapor cigarette as it is a healthier option if need be. This can also help you wean yourself slowly off nicotine as it allows you to reduce the amount you are taking per time gradually.

Also, remember that you cannot work 24/7. Rest is important in helping you stay young. Take some time off work to enjoy life. Visit a friend, watch a movie, go on a date, or participate in a charity. By all means, take a break once in a while.

Reward yourself!

Reward yourself for every milestone. Make a goal. When you achieve it, reward yourself and add another. Remember it takes about 21 repetitions to make an act habit therefore; sometimes you have to repeat something for your body to break that old detrimental pattern. Even though you will not reward yourself, your new habits will automatically reward you with a younger, more beautiful and more energetic you. Go on, shed tons of years off your years!

Chad is a health enthusiast who combines this with his love for writing to come up with articles that will help you in becoming a healthier you! These include articles on why vapor cigarettes are a healthier option.

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