Weight Loss And Biking

Biking and Weight Loss

Biking is a sport that can result to weight loss. Biking helps strengthen our legs without restraining our body muscle.  The Bicycle is a vehicle that can be used by a person to move from a certain location to another by doing a  pedal using his foot. Normally, biking is done by a single person but can also be done with a partner. The word bicycle comes from the word  bi which means two and cycle pertaining to a rotating progression. Biking is not only helpful for weight loss but also in improving our stamina. Keep on practicing and it will turn out to be a habit and enjoyment as well.

Parts of a Bike

  • Handle Bars, Stem and Shock make up its front.
  • Saddle and Frame for the middle part that hold the Cyclist
  • Wheels with Tire are controlled using Pedal and Chain
  • Disc Brake are being used whenever you wanted to slower your speed or for full stop.

Easy to Learn
Most of us are very familiar in using a bicycle. All you have to do is to ride on it and pedal; with the help of balancing skills, you can move as fast as you can and can slow down by doing pressing or pulling the break. Bike has also the capacity to measure your endurance, stamina, resistance and vigor which will result to weight loss.  On a regular days of biking, our bodies maintain its natural calisthenics and mobilize the cells to eliminate fat out of our body through perspiration.

In order to lose weight, biking should be done as often as you have time. Take time to pedal your bike 30 mins to 1 hour in a day and you have done a weight loss exercise already.

Bicycle can be a toy or a tool
As a toy for youngster and for adult it could be a great tool for some errands or a way of exercising.

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