Two Tips for Easy Eating on the Move

We live in a fast-paced world. People look for ways to get more done in less time every day. Unfortunately, one way is that people tend to make more time in their day is by choosing to skip eating. Not only is this unwise, it is unnecessary. Eating on the go provides the solution to keeping to your schedule no matter who you are. Be it a busy on the go mom, a rushed executive, traveling or a student with a full schedule; the key is choosing the right options and food choices to keep you healthy. Keep in mind the best two tips for eating on the go in making those choices.

1. Don’t get pulled in by fast food advertising.

Sure, pulling into a drive-through fast food business is quick and convenient but many of the menu items do not give you the nutrition needed to continue on the move. Still some people who drive daily, for example, delivery drivers prefer to do so as part of their fast-paced day. Those ads that you see are for heavy unhealthy foods so when using restaurants look for a low-fat menu and options. Some fast-food restaurants now offer better choices, for example, a regular baked potato instead of oil and salt drenched fries. Some also offer things like milk, granola, yogurt and fruit now. If you do choose something less nutritious from the menu, get the smallest size.

2 Make a plan.

Plan ahead for your busiest days depending on the activities you will be doing. Are you going on a road trip? Take a cooler packed with individual servings of pasta salads, sandwiches, and more. For airline travel, check with the airline to see what foods you can bring with you in a purse or carry on. Are you taking the kids to games and other extracurricular activities? Write out mini menus or purchase kid friendly options like cut up fruit and vegetables with peanut butter at the grocery store. Alternatively, buy fruit and vegetables in bulk and cut them up for single serve containers. If you prefer to use restaurants research the restaurants near your destinations by looking up their websites. Many have online menus that will help you plan your choices. For everyday work, days keep your refrigerator stocked with prepackaged items such as nuts, cubedcheeses; cups of pudding, etc. Made a few sandwiches ahead of time comprised of healthy ingredients. Shop weekly to make sure you have fresh options available. Each morning all you need to do is grab the items on your way out.

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