Texas Top Features of a Water Filtration System for the Whole House

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Water has many uses throughout a home from cooking and washing dishes in the kitchen to showering and brushing your teeth in the bathroom. Regardless of where it is being used, this vital liquid to our daily living and health must be clean and nutritious. To achieve this, there are a variety of solutions on the market. Softeners allow the H2O to taste better coming out of the tap; however, they require a significant amount of salt and maintenance. Reverse osmosis systems are the same way, and they may even waste to produce their end result. Instead, whole house water filter systems combine the benefits of these other solutions, without the cost and loss of nutrient benefits.

When shopping around for the right solution for your home, the following are five factors to look for:

1.      It uses no salt.

Softeners require a significant amount of salt to be added to replace the minerals that can cause hard spots. This process is not only burdensome and costly, but it also takes away from the nutritional benefits. Instead of drinking minerals that are healthy, people who use salts to treat their water consume an extraordinary amount of additional sodium that they are unaware of. In a filtering system, however, no extra salt is needed.

2.      It provides great taste.

Everyone knows the importance of staying hydrated. When the liquid from your faucet is not only beneficial to your health but also tastes great, it is easier to drink more of it. It makes teas, coffees and foods taste better as well.

3.      It has a compact design.

A filter should not take up a significant amount of space in the home. Instead, find a solution that has a compact design so that you do not have to challenge yourself to find a spot for it in your home.

4.      It conserves.

While there may be some water waste produced in solutions that filter out the bad and keep the good, the amount of waste should be minimal. Also, the wasted H2O that the filter will not send into the home should instead be used outside of the home for plants. Look for a solution that makes the most of every droplet when filtering.


5.      It requires no maintenance.

Homeowners are busy, and they typically do not have the time to invest in an option that requires a lot of maintenance. To save yourself future hassles, be sure to find out how much maintenance is required on a solution prior to installing it in your home.

There are a wide variety of options available to homeowners to deliver clean, fresh and nutritious water in every room of the house. Go online and use these five factors as a guide to find the best solution to fit your home’s needs.


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