Top 3 Exergames (Exercise Games)

Top 3 exergames.

What are ‘exergames’?

Exergames is a term that has been coined for the next generation games that use the whole body to ‘play a game’ that is usually fitness related. They are a fantastic way of getting kids up and moving and also getting families together with the intention of fun and exercise. There are quite a few on the market for different consoles. The Kinect system for the Microsoft Xbox360 is one of the most revolutionary. The Kinect system offers many advantages over its competitors; such as no need for controllers, accurate readings and a wealth of ‘Kinect only games.’

Why are they important?

Exergames can be seen in many different ways. But most of the views are positive. It offers the change for kids to play games and get their bodies involved; running on the spot, jumping and increasing reaction times. All of these are not designed to replace tradition exercise, but they are a good alternative to sitting and playing a game, or a good idea when it’s too wet or cold to play outside.

Are they just for kids?

No! That’s the great thing about these systems; there are fitness games that offer a huge range of benefits. The following list is a look at the top three fitness exergames that have been tried and tested!

In no particular order:

 1.       YourShape: Fitness Evolved

From the moment you turn this game on you get feedback. The Kinect sensor reads your body, reading your height, arm length, leg length and then from these stats it sets up the games to work on those specifics. The game offers a variety of different modes. It offers a full range of Tai Chi sessions and boxercise sessions. As well as this, you get a virtual personal trainer to help guide you through the workouts. Then when you are done with the days lessons there are a variety of exercise games to have fun with! Overall it offers great guidance and some helpful tips that would benefit you at the gym as well as in the game.

2.       Zumba!

It’s one of the biggest fitness franchises of the decade, so it’s no wonder that there was a demand for it in the home. The game is based on copying the moves of the onscreen dancers. But at the same time the sensor is reading all of your movements and scoring you based on your accuracy. This game offers a great platform for practicing routines and getting good quality, accurate feedback as to your movements. For anyone who loves Zumba this is a must have, offering great features that can be yours to keep for the price of a 2 classes!

3.       Kinect Sports

This final one is up for slightly different reasons than the others. That is for the fact that it is great for getting other people involved too. The whole family can get up and enjoy this game, making family or friends get in the spirit of competing with one another and not even realise that they are working out! There are a variety of activities that mean the fun isn’t over in one night, and with different varieties of activity everyone can find something they are good at!

In conclusion, the next generation of gaming looks exciting, if these exergames are anything to go by.  Complete interaction and the knowledge of many personal trainers all on one disk, which means that the fitness industry is ready for a complete revolution!

This article was written by Alex Wright; A fitness journalist working for GymkitUK. GymkitUK are Europe’s leading suppliers of new and used Commercial Gym Equipment

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