The Must Have Fall Fruit: Apples

Which fruit normally comes into your mind whenever you think of the fall season? It’s the apple of course. They come in green, red or even yellow. Popular varieties include Fuji, McIntosh, granny smith honey rips, Pink lady, golden delicious and the gala. They offer high quantity of fiber especially whenever the skinny bit is eaten. They contain the antitoxic properties of the flavonoids quercetin and vitamin c. Here are some of the tips that you can use when buying, enjoying and storing apples, which contribute to good addition to the phase 2 meals.

Buying and storing of apples

There are many different things that you consider when buying an apple including its skin look, the general appearance and the touch sense. Each specific apple contains specific texture and flavor and could be used differently including for baking or snacking. You can ask the service provider for recommendations regarding the different types you encounter.

Good apples can stay in a refrigerator for even up to three months if kept well. They should be stored while in a porous plastic bag for enough ventilating. Since one bad apple can easily spoil the rest, you are advised to frequently remove them and isolate any brown or bruised apples. They can also absorb odors quickly and therefore should be kept away from strong smells. In case they are kept outside the refrigerator, they should be in a dry cool place and eaten as soon as possible before they go bad.

Enjoying apples deliciously

You should always ensure the skin is clean before eating. This will remove any pesticides and dirt. You can even remove the coating wax using special produce cleaner. Do not cut the apple just before you eat it since this could lead to oxidation making them turn brown. Among the delicious ways to enjoy the apple fruits include:

  • Take them as a mid-afternoon or midmorning snack alongside 2 natural peanut butter teaspoonfuls
  • To sandwiches and cheese, add thin slices of apples
  • Create a salad using apple, avocado, red leaf, and Dijon vinaigrette
  • Prepare well made apple salsa to be served with poultry or beef. Diced tart apples are combined with onion and diced peppers (red bell) fresh lime juice, minced jalapeno and cilantro. Season using pepper and salt
  • Make a delicious apple source using McIntosh, Pippin, Fuji, Cortland, Graven stein and Gala
  • Bake dollop and apples with Greek yogurt to make a very healthy dessert.

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