The Big Business that Started Small

With over 162 million Girl Scout cookies sold each year, it is important to take a closer look at what these cookies offer. These cookies are sold for just a few weeks each year, and many Americans look forward to buying their favorite flavors from the pint-sized salespeople who knock on their door during this time of year. This is a considerable amount of cookies sold in a very short period of time, however. Thin mints alone account for approximately a quarter of all Girl Scout cookies sales, and they provide Americans with approximately 56 billion extra calories per year. Some may argue that this annual fundraiser is making Americans fat.

While the annual cookie-selling fundraiser may not be great for Americans’ waistlines, it is great for the Girl Scout budget. The fundraiser brings in over $714 million dollars in revenue each year. It also encourages girls to experience new things in life and to work hard to achieve a goal. Keep in mind that the organization provides incentives and rewards for those who sell the most boxes during the fundraiser period. So while the fundraiser is not ideal for those Americans who struggle with their weight and healthy, it does have some benefit to select individuals.

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