Simple Facts to Remember for Effective Weight Loss

Obesity continues to be a pressing health problem in the United States. According to recent estimates, over 70 million Americans suffer from obesity. There are a number of factors that contribute to weight problems. These include eating habits and every day attitudes towards food. Most of the time, obesity is caused by living an unhealthy […] Read more »

Bronchospasm- Causes , Symptoms and Treatment

Bronchospasm іѕ а tightening оfthе airways (bronchial) caused bу а contraction оfthе muscles іnthе walls оfthе airways, bуаn inflammation оfthе lining оfthе lung оr both. Thе bronchospasm іѕ temporary. Bronchospasm саnbе triggered еіthеrbуаn allergic reaction оrbуthе autonomic nervous system. Thе main саuѕеоf bronchospasm іѕ asthma, emphysema оr chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Allergic reactions tо […] Read more »

Google May be Your Best Diet Buddy

It is estimated that between 50 and 80 million Americans go on diets each year. The desire to lose weight and keep the pounds off is a common one, but it is a struggle that many find challenging. In order to lose weight, you simply need to burn more calories on a regular basis than […] Read more »

Are Your Friends Controlling Your Diet?

Failing to maintain your diet feels really bad. You have the best of intentions yet you always seem to slip up on a daily basis. The problem with this situation may not be you. The people you surround yourself with may be to blame. Even if you have the best of intentions, they can go […] Read more »

Sunscreen on a Plate: Protect Your Skin with Diet

We all know the American diet is going down the tubes fast. In the media and medical community, the “standard American diet” is abbreviated as “SAD,” and it is actually quite sad. In fact, most of the western world is falling into our eating pattern. It’s well known that poor diet leads to diseases like […] Read more »

5 Golden Rules of Fighting Insomnia

Insomnia is termed as a medical disease that can means the person diagnosed with this cannot sleep, sometimes for days at a time. There are many different things these people do to cope with insomnia. Avoiding caffeine is one of the five rules that one should do. Drinking caffeine during the day will lead to […] Read more »

Practical Tips for Dealing with Food Allergies

Food allergies continue to grow into one of the biggest health concerns in the U.S., as roughly 15 million Americans possess some type of food allergy, according to the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network. That translates into an estimated nine million adults and six million children who must carefully watch what they eat. Although many […] Read more »