4 Great Free Android Apps for Managing Your Health

Obesity levels are at an all-time high. Although the American hospitals excel in research and treating patients for health problems, the American healthcare system does not excel at preventative health. As a country, Americans would rather eat fast food, neglect exercise and suffer the consequences later. New initiatives in America are trying to address this […] Read more »

Woman practicing yoga on pier by lake. Image shot 2008. Exact date unknown.

Three Tips for Staying Healthy After Losing Your Job

A common fear among New Yorker’s is losing their job or being laid off. If this has happened to you or someone you love, you are undoubtedly all too familiar with the challenges that people face when this occurs. Many people fall into a depression because they fear for how they will care for themselves […] Read more »


Weight Loss – How to Shed the Kilos and have a Blast!

The Olympic spirit might have propelled you to the gym to shed those winter kilos, but what happens when external motivating factors dwindle, and your self-motivation needs a pick me up? The most beneficial way to lose weight is to make it a total mind and body experience – and making it fun, affordable and […] Read more »

Are Your Friends Controlling Your Diet?

Failing to maintain your diet feels really bad. You have the best of intentions yet you always seem to slip up on a daily basis. The problem with this situation may not be you. The people you surround yourself with may be to blame. Even if you have the best of intentions, they can go […] Read more »

Wonderful Coconut Oil Benefits: Try the Coconut Diet

If you have visited a tropical country and enjoyed their wonderful cuisine, there’s a large possibility that you have tasted dishes that contain coconuts or have been cooked with coconut oil. Eating coconuts is already a way of life for a lot of people around the world, especially in places with tropical climate. The coconut […] Read more »

Make Time for You – Exercise!

Weight loss is all about eating right and exercising –that’s it. It may sound simple enough, but for many who want to achieve weight loss results have a hard time balancing that lifestyle. Working out, mixed in with eating right and life. Multi-tasking may not come easily for many, but as long as you focus […] Read more »