Zumba Review and My Zumba Tricks

I have to say that probably the biggest reason people fail at sticking to their workouts is the lack of motivation and they hate their workouts. So, to solve that problem you need to find a workout that is always moving and always motivating and a hell of a good time! Zumba has become the […] Read more »

7 Little Known Fitness Facts

Whether you are regular gym goer already or are thinking of getting fit, you may be interested to learn a few facts about fitness aside from the well-known benefits of a fitness regime! This post has been put together to entertain and educate gym bunnies and newbies alike, so take a read through and discover […] Read more »

What You Need to Know Before Purchasing an Exercise Machine

There has been a battle between joining a gym and purchasing at home exercise machines. Though each option offers benefits, it basically comes down to what is better for you. If you have the drive and discipline to workout at home, a home exercise machine could offer more benefits than going to a gym. However, […] Read more »

Staying Fit, Staying Safe

When people want to get healthy, they either go to hospitals or gyms, depending on the circumstances. Unless you are already sick, the gym is the right place for you! But, due to the nature of a gym (i.e., a place where people sweat, spit, and touch everything), there is a sense in which they […] Read more »

Effective Boot Camp Workouts

Boot camp workouts involve intense exercising programs. They feature the use of immense strength and cardiac-exercises that challenge the strength as well as the endurance levels of an individual. The exercises are usually continuous, moving from one program to another, and require daily commitment. The types of boot camps vary from an intensive outdoor program […] Read more »

Weight Loss – How to Shed the Kilos and have a Blast!

The Olympic spirit might have propelled you to the gym to shed those winter kilos, but what happens when external motivating factors dwindle, and your self-motivation needs a pick me up? The most beneficial way to lose weight is to make it a total mind and body experience – and making it fun, affordable and […] Read more »

The best types of exercise for weight-loss

Exercise is a key part of any weight-loss plan. The more calories you can burn while exercising, the faster you will be able to lose weight, but which type of exercise is best? Generally speaking, the more physically demanding a form of exercise is, the more calories it will use up, but the actual number […] Read more »