Sleep better and Lose weight

Most obese people at one point or the other have tried hard to cut down calories and spent countless hours exercising at the gym to lose weight. New scientific findings prove that weight loss can be achieved by managing one’s daily routine and getting enough sleep.

If a person is getting insufficient sleep, this may actually result in weight gain because of hormonal changes. These hormones, called leptin and ghrelin, regulate hunger and satiety. During sleep, a person’s metabolism may increase, which leads to burning of more calories and weight loss. The idea of weight loss by getting sufficient sleep may seem absurd initially as we seem to be less active while asleep. However, the human brain consumes about 20% of the body’s total energy consumption. During the rapid eye sleep (REM), which comprises about 25% of the total sleep time, the brain’s metabolic rate is actually higher than while a person is awake. In addition, the body temperature of a person drops while sleeping and when combined with increased REM, this may lead to burning of more calories.

In a research, involving 14 healthy men age 21-30, it was discovered that the average weight loss during sleep was 1.9 gram/minute, but only 0.6 gram/minute while lying awake in bed. Other studies point out that as the body’s weight increases, there is a decrease in the total sleep time of a person. If a person only sleeps four to five hours during a night, this may causes hormonal changes that lead to an increase in appetite. A person may become glucose intolerant and not in fact metabolize the food intake. If a person is not getting enough sleep, he or she may feel lethargic and tired. Often, people eat sweet and other foods rich in calories to make up for this loss in energy. Subsequently, these unhealthy dietary habits lead to weight gain.

There could be several reasons why a person’s sleeping pattern may face disruption. These factors may include stress or anxiety, illness, noise, depression, and high consumption of alcohol and caffeine. However, it is very important for a healthy life that we get sufficient rest and seven hours of sleep on a daily basis. A better night’s sleep may be achieved by strengthening one’s natural sleep patterns. A person should also resist the temptation of excessive indulgence in alcohol, tobacco and caffeine, which could interfere with sleep.

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