How to get your six pack abs in a healthy and fulfilling way

Six pack abs are the desire of every fit man today. Who doesn’t want his body to look and feel so firm and fit! Six pack abs make you feel like a strong man from within. But the main issue that arises with the six pack abs is how to get them in a short amount of time. Well, normally getting a six pack abs frame requires a hell lot of dedication, determination, motivation and real hard work. Therefore getting it in a limited time frame is all the more difficult. It requires extreme physical and mental effort and stability. You need to make a lot of sacrifices and follow a very strict diet regimen to get into that shape. Extreme level of training is involved in getting those dreamy six pack abs.


Some useful instructions to help expedition of Six pack Abs

  • Elimination of all the junk and bad foods needs to be done. Cleaning up of your diet from deep fried things, saturated fats, high calorie drinks needs to be done straight away. This might cause uneasiness and might also increase your weight in the beginning.
  • Good food and good eating habits need to be employed. Food high in octane levels will be necessary. Foods like nuts, vegetables, fruits, lean meat, beans, seeds and plenty intakes of water is important.
  • Large volumes of cardio exercises need to be done. An increase in your heart rate will let you reduce quickly. Interval training of high intensity on alternate days will be required and that too not lesser than an hour. This will burn your calories to great extent and will burn the fat around your gut area.
  • Indulging in cardio exercises inclusive of swimming, biking, running, jogging, climbing the stairs, rowing, all of them or combinations of them.
  • After the cardio workout, you need to exercise on your abs. Performing of exercises that include the working of your abdominal muscles must be done in this regard including oblique muscles, lower abs and upper abs. Sets ranging from 8-10 at intervals of 15 to 20 reps must be done.
  • Power swings on your days of interval training will also help you to get that gorgeous abs.
  • As much as performing these exercises is significant, equally important is your sleeping pattern. Getting 7-9 hours sleep every day is beneficial for your body as well as for your energy levels. Building of body and regenerating of muscles takes place in the night time only.


Points to remember

In your vigorous regimen to get that wonderful abs, you must not forget to keep yourself hydrated before and after your exercise training sessions. Water flushes all the toxins and is also necessary for the regeneration of muscle cells. Another important point to keep in mind is taking of short breaks of 5 minutes if you feel out of breath or too tired. The aim is to build your body in a healthy way not to destroy the muscles by vigorously going what the body is denying. Also a good protein diet will also go a long way to get those fabulous six pack abs in a short time. Stay focused, motivated and happy!


Author Bio: The author Jolie Chapman being a bariatric surgeon is our latest guest author and has an extensive experience in handling treatment of obesity cases.

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