A Simple Approach to Weight Loss and Dieting

Do you want to lose weight in a simple way that does not require your money? Most people who want to lose weight resort to weight loss programs that seem to be complicated. These same programs also may require money because weight loss pills and going to the gym are sometimes expensive. This article discusses some of the most effective and simplest means of losing weight, and these just involve basic things regarding your diet.

A good approach to losing weight is to keep a food journal, never skip meals, and avoid dining out. These measures are actually proven to make you lose weight according to research.

Keeping a Food Journal

Research showed that women who kept a food journal actually lost more pounds than women who did not. The average weight loss was 6 pounds more for women who kept a food journal or diary.

A food journal is a written list of the meals you consume in a day divided into breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. A food journal may also consist of the calorie content of each food you ate for the day. This allows people who want to lose weight to take note of the total calorie intake for a particular day and be constantly reminded of how many calories they can still eat. People who do not keep a food journal usually eat more food because of the absence of a reminder about how many calories they have already taken in.

In keeping a food journal you need to be thorough. This requires you to list down all the details of your food such as how many ingredients were used, what the toppings were and condiments used and the like. You also need to be truthful in your journal and need to record all food intake you had for the day. You also need to be consistent in recording and carrying the food journal everywhere to constantly remind you of your diet.

Eating Regularly at Mealtimes

Eating regularly is also an effective means of losing weight. Some may argue about this because eating regularly will just add to your weight as compared to skipping meals. However, research has shown that skipping meals does not actually help you lose weight; instead it makes your metabolism slower, contributing to a greater build-up of fats. Also, skipping meals makes you very hungry leading to binge eating when the opportunity to eat comes. According to research, skipping meals also makes your body store calories as fats instead of using them for energy production.

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Avoiding Dining Out

Dining out is usually a luxury for most people because you get to eat a lot of food that you can’t prepare yourself. However, dining out is also one of the culprits of gaining weight.

First, if you dine out, you tend to end up in fast food restaurants. These provide meals that are very high in empty calories such as French fires, pizza and others. Fast food also contains more preservatives and salt making your food less healthy.

Second, you tend to be less in control of the ingredients you have in your meal leading to a higher caloric meal in restaurants. If you prepare the same food at home, you tend to limit the ingredients you add making it healthier.

If you want to lose weight in a short time, you must begin with these three simple steps. By following these, you will not only benefit from losing weight, but you will also develop a healthier lifestyle.

Aside from healthier meals, make sure to exercise using TRX training. You can get a home training equipment for cheaper fitness training.

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