The Pros and Cons of Egg Whites

People used to think that eating egg yolks would cause heart disease and obesity. Most people tried to stay away from the yolks and only ate egg whites. Many studies have been done on egg yolks which seem to suggest that most of an eggs nutritional value is obtained from the yolk.

Egg Yolks

Egg yolks contain lots of vitamins and minerals. There is a concentration of vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin D and vitamin E in the yolks. If you avoid eating the yolks, you are missing out on a lot of the eggs nutrients.

Eating whole eggs provides you much more protein than eating an egg white. Almost half the protein in an egg is found in the yolk. Throwing out the egg yolk means that you are throwing out a good part of the eggs nutritional value.

People used to think that eating the cholesterol in an egg caused their cholesterol to rise. Many studies have been done that show that eating the cholesterol in an egg yolk does not raise a persons cholesterol levels. When you eat an egg yolk, the cholesterol from the egg actually stops your body’s own production of cholesterol. The human body can handle the cholesterol in egg yolks easily.

Egg Whites

Eating just egg whites will definitely cut down on the cholesterol a person consumes. The only thing is, the cholesterol in an egg yolk has no adverse effects on the body. You might as well eat that extra cholesterol and receive all the nutrients from the egg yolk.

Eggs have been scrutinized a lot over the years. Many studies have shown no correlation between egg consumption and heart disease. The people in these studies typically ate about six eggs a week and noticed no ill effects from their consumption.

Egg yolks are very calorie dense in comparison to egg whites. An egg yolk contains about 50-60 calories, while an egg white has about 15 calories. If you are trying to do a low-fat or low-calorie diet, then you are probably better off eating just the egg whites. Eating just the whites is a good way to get protein from a low-calorie source.

You can always cut out some of the egg yolks from your meals to lower calories and cholesterol. If you are making an omelet, remove some of the yolks while leaving some in. This will cut down on calories and cholesterol while still giving you valuable nutrients.

Egg yolks are not going to hurt you if you eat them in moderation. The yolks are full of nutrients and protein which your body needs. Eggs are a healthy choice for anybody and are versatile enough to be prepared any way you want.

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