How to prepare yourself for weight loss

“The Do’s before you begin Weight losing mission!”

Ever wondered why “weight loss” is the most sought after resolutions all over the world? Ever wondered why the health and fitness industry is in boom and an all time high? Ever wondered how the cosmetic world of losing weight is conquering the natural ways of healing and looking beautiful? The answer to all of this can be found in lack of

preparedness for losing weight.

Don’t jump to lose weight without that element of “being prepared”

Love yourself

The solution to losing weight is definitely not found in crash diets and elimination of food of your choice from your life. It’s more about a smart choice in food ie. a choice that an informed, educated and aware person is expected to make. So don’t shell yourself into a cage and instead be ready to fly.

Start a 20-minute workout

Before you start to take up a serious form of workout, opt for a simple 20-minute workout. This could include brisk walking, cycling, gardening, or cleaning up your own house. This will get your body ready for more workouts. Also when you alter your workout later to another level, it will be an added advantage as the body responds to newer workouts better.

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Streamline your diet

Before you hit the gym, you need to streamline your diet. Sudden spurt of exercises can make you hungrier and if your diet is not proper, you could get trapped into putting on more weight.

Stack the right food!

Your kitchen can be a great source of inspiration. It is a great feeling when you stack those cereals, protein bars, fruits, fresh juices, brown bread, and pin up a diet chat right on the refrigerator. After the exhausting workout, you can satiate your hunger with the healthy food instead of otherwise fending for some immediate quencher.

Be prepared for a break!

If you be realistic and don’t expect miracles to happen, chances are you will lose weight the right way and stay focused. To over-eat, indulge in delicacies, and have exceptions are all a part and parcel of your journey of losing weight. So don’t panic and be generous to excuse yourself if you indulge sometimes. However the trick lies in compensating for it. Exercise more the next day and be stricter about the calorie intake.

Workout your wardrobe!

Who does not want to look good while working out? Well you don’t want to face days when just because you don’t have the right set of clothes, you skip that workout. Buy atleast two new pairs of gym wear for you. Add that funky looking water bottle and a cool bandana. When you are already feeling good about yourself, every workout will add more to the same feeling.

Pick a cool gadget

Preparing yourself for a weight loss mission in today’s world is incomplete without accessories. The latest gadgets are extremely easy to use and as smart as one can imagine. You could pick a cool gadget with music apps that calculates your calories burnt, kms covered, and give you accurate results. What’s more, they are waterproof and sweat-proof allowing you to use them during strenuous workouts.

Positive frame of mind

Last but not the least, positive attitude plays a vital role in sustaining your workout. Be determined from the day one. And do not compare yourself with others. Compete with yourself! If you are mentally strong, there’s hardly any looking back.

So get set for a mission that is easy if you stick to the basics.

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