Post-Workout Tips: Here’s What You Should Eat After Exercising

Everyone knows that exercise is one of the most crucial factors that greatly influence your health. People who want to be in top shape make it a habit to work out, usually following a stringent exercise routine that helps them acquire a number of benefits, like a well-functioning immune system, proper weight management, and increased physical strength.

You may be enticed to work out yourself, so that you will get these benefits. But before you start choosing a good workout routine, there is one important thing you must do: eat a healthy diet. Think about your diet and your meals: are you really eating the right kinds of food to help improve your workout routine?

Stay Away from These Toxic “Exercise” Foods!

You’ve probably been exposed to numerous, “health” foods that claim to “support” your exercise and fitness routine. These products greatly vary, but they usually include energy bars and energy drinks. Numerous ingredients are added to these products, such as whey protein, vitamins, minerals, and even herbs. But the problem is that when it comes to the active ingredient, all these products contain just two simple substances: caffeine and sugar.

The truth is that caffeine and sugar are highly useful for athletes who lose a large part of their body water through high-level training. But the same cannot be said for ordinary folks like you. Instead of gaining these benefits, you will most likely be exposed to the hazardous ingredients, such as empty calories, hazardous toxins, chemicals, and additives, in these products. Fructose, particularly high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), is the worst offender, so avoid it at all costs.

The most important thing you should remember is to consume whole, organic, and biodynamic foods that suit your Nutritional Type. Raw veggies, fruits, unpasteurized milk, and fermented foods are some examples you must add to your diet. Organic, grass-fed meat is also important, as it is a pure protein source. Beware of unhealthy protein sources, though, such as poor-quality whey protein. If you want to add whey protein to your diet, find a high-quality whey protein powder.

You Should Also Eat According to Your Exercise Routine

After exercising, your muscles usually break down and your body loses its nitrogen stores. This is the reason why getting amino acids from high-quality animal proteins is a must. Some ideal food items you should get are free-range chicken, raw organic eggs, and grass-fed beef. Vegetable carbohydrates are also recommended. In addition you must also set your portions accordingly, depending on your Nutritional Type.

Some health and fitness experts also recommend modifying your diet according to the type of workout that you did for that specific day. Here are some useful post-workout food suggestions you can try.

  • Aerobic or Cardio Post-Workout

Don’t immediately eat after a cardiovascular workout! Instead, wait for 45 to 60 minutes, and then consume a pure protein source and carbohydrates (from vegetables, preferably). Here’s one good example: spinach salad and steamed chicken fillet. Another good idea is to whip up a whey protein shake with two raw eggs. Don’t wait for over an hour before eating, though, because this may put your body in “starvation mode.”

  • Resistance Post-Workout

Unlike aerobic or cardio, the foods you take after doing resistance workout must be rapidly absorbed. You only have a one-hour window to consume amino acids, nutrients, glycogen, and other anabolic nutrients. If you miss this one-hour window, though, it’s likely that your muscles will no longer be able to repair themselves. Consume a pure protein source and a higher glycemic carbohydrate source, such as a banana, to help you recover. Eat these 15 to 30 minutes after your workout.

If you want to get the most out of exercise, then you must remember that good nutrition is a very important aspect. The next time you exercise, remember these simple tips and you will surely reap the benefits.

Ada Jones is a dedicated natural health specialist and blogger. She spends a large portion of her time in the gym, as she greatly believes in the benefits of exercise. When she’s not working out, she spends most of her time in the kitchen, usually whipping up delicious whey protein shakes for her three kids.

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