Oily Fish to Fuel up your Mind

Have you ever caught up in a situation where you stuck up thinking something but can’t really remember it? Or you pass someone you think you know but can’t remember his name? Then, you need to feed up your brain as early as now before you forget your own name.

Human being are always getting older, and as we grow older, or brain needs more nutrients for it to function well. Having a healthy body includes having a healthy brain function as well. It is very important in anyone’s life to maximize their brain power and ability to perform at their optimal capacity in everyday activities. In a common sense reason, brain is often used in everything that people do – walking, jogging, eating, biking, or even in sleeping, the brain is still functioning. It is vital to take care of our brain and maintain its good condition especially if we are getting older. As a person gets older, there is a greater chance of having low memory and might develop Alzheimer’s disease. Older people are becoming mentally unhealthy, having poor memory, lack of focusing and other mental problems due to low levels of DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid)

DHA is one of the most essential omega-3 fatty acids needed by the body to attain optimal health. DHA is very important to the brain function and known to play a vital role in maintaining the good structure of the human brain. Brain is composed of about 60% fats, in which DHA is needed to supply the nutrients it needed. Scientists believe that DHA could highly supply nutrients for the brain and help the human prevent having Alzheimer’s disease and low memory.

Recent studies have already proven the effectiveness of DHA to increase supply of nutrients for the brain. In-taking more omega-3 fatty acids to the body decrease the risk of having poor mental conditions. DHA, one of the highly concentrated omega-3 fatty acids, is found in fish and seafood. Research has shown that fish contains higher amount of DHA, having 10 to 100 times more than non-sea foods such as leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole grains. Proofs have shown that vegetarians have lower mental abilities because of these reasons, which are shown by research studies. Scientists have also found that a memory function can boost by 15 percent with the help of eating fish which has plenty of fatty acids.

Oily fish which includes sardines, tuna, mackerel, herring and salmon, have a very high content of DHA. Love your brain and maintain a healthy lifestyle with your loved ones. Taking care of your brain by eating oily fish enables you to think better. Start having oily fish in your diet now to attain you maximum thinking ability.

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