Mobility Problems – How Can Walk-in Baths Aide You


Who can benefit from a walk in bath?
Medical problems, disabilities or simply older age can all result in our personal mobility becoming dramatically reduced. This can cause a huge array of safety issues when it then comes to bathing. The action of climbing in and out of the bath, which we all take for granted can become a stressful situation as the possibility of slipping and incurring an injury is dramatically increased. This in turn can make bathing a highly stressful experience when in fact this should be natural, easy and enjoyable. It has also been shown that a consistent reliance on carers or loved ones often leads to a
feeling of reduced independence for the bather.
Walk in baths or showers can therefore be a vital asset in a person’s home to help them gain back this independence and their dignity. With easy access (as most have only a small entrance ridge to step over), hand rails to increase stability, non slip surfaces and an integral seating walk in baths offer the safety and security which traditional style baths can not.
Styles of walk in baths?
There are many varying styles of baths and showers available on the market and it is important to consider the convenience, correct style and size for your property along with which will offer you personally the greatest comfort and ease of use. Most styles will have doors which open either inwards or outwards so this is worth considering if you have limited space. All doors are leak proof with a waterproof seal and are built with safe and secure design features.
Many of the baths available will also include a motorised seat to allow slow and easy lowering and raising from the bathing position, whilst many of the walk in showers include an integral folding seat so that personal washing can take place from the seated position if and when required. The option of a slide in bath is also available if wheelchair access is required. This style offers the space to enter a wheelchair into the bathing area and has an integral seat positioned at an appropriate height so the user can slide across with ease.
Health benefits.
As well as the practical benefits of walk in baths there are also many health benefits. These promote the increased well being of an individual through massage, relaxation and invigoration. This is due to the ability to fully submergence the limbs under the water and increase the buoyancy of the body. Some baths also offer thermostatically controlled water temperature and boast dual drainage to speed up the emptying of waste water. This can be an important safety feature to ensure the length of time spent in the bath after bathing is reduced to a minimum.
So if you are keen to increase your independence or that of a loved one the investment of a walk in bath or shower can return tenfold in quality of life that of the initial investment and should definitely be considered.

Vivienne Ollis – Blogger and Walk-in bathing advisor

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