How To Sharpen Hand-Eye Coordination

The skill getting the hands and eyes to work together in harmony, is something that little kids either perfect or don’t.  As the saying goes, it’s hard to teach and old dog new tricks. However, it’s pretty harsh to call someone an old dog, and also harsh to assume people don’t want to embrace their fine motor skills. So in that spirit, this article shows you how that improve your hand-eye coordination – no matter your age!

If You Don’t Use It – You Lose it

You may not be conscious of it, but you use hand-eye coordination when driving a car, riding a bicycle or using exercise equipment in the gym.  Even the sedentary pleasures of needlepoint sewing and cross stitch require these skills. Playing video games requires hand-eye coordination too.  Sports like cricket, softball, baseball tennis, squash or any sport that requires the usage of a racquet or bat also need this skill. The good news is that simply just doing these activities will sharpen your hand-eye coordination, often these activities will also be beneficial to your overall health.

Zinc For Coordination

Zinc is an important trace mineral in the diet that among other things, improves hand-eye coordination and nervous system function.  Studies have shown 11mg for men of zinc and 8 mg for women is an adequate amount.  Great foods that contain zinc and are packed full of fibre and protein are: pumpkin seeds, oysters whole grains, sunflower seeds, beans, nuts and meat. Zinc can have some serious side effects if too much is eaten, so read up on zinc and how to safely approach your diet, to get the most benefit.

Video Games

It turns out that the maligned guilty pleasure of gaming, greatly improves hand-eye coordination. Things like action and shooting games with rapid fire movements, improve visual perception and fine motor skills. So the next time your spouse or any other game-hater says something negative about your habits, throw that out there.

Play Goalie

Stopping a ball when playing football can be one of the most beneficial drills for hand-eye coordination. So get yourself to a park with a friend and practice being goalie for your hand-eye coordination.

Racquet Sports  

Anything that involves a ball and a racquet or hand implement of some kind is excellent for improving fine motor skills. Think about taking up squash, tennis, ping-pong, softball or even volleyball, depending on what takes your fancy.

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