How to Get a Diet Buddy with Sparkpeople

What is Sparkpeople?

Sparkpeople is an online community of dieters who lend support to fellow members who are dedicated to the common goal of weight loss. Joining Sparkpeople is an easy process which entails signing up. Best of all it is free. Unlike many other popular weight loss web sights, which charge a signup fee, Sparkpeople has always been free since its inception because founder Chris Downie and his wife fully support it themselves, as their way of giving back to the weight loss community, along with paid advertisers.

At Sparkpeople, many forums are available for people to join to help with their weight loss. If you desire a fitness buddy on Sparkpeople, finding one is as easy as finding a SparkTeam to join. SparkTeams facilitate the weight loss goals of members because they are joining others with similar interests.

For example there are teams for people of certain age categories and health conditions, plus many more.
Sparkpeople has all of the guidelines set up for you, including explaining the difference between a community message board and a SparkTeam. Not only is the website free to use but Sparkpeople does not sell you any food. It allows you to use your own groceries from where ever you choose.

Sparkpeople features

Food trackers, recipes, and water consumption intake can all be inputted into the website and checked any time of day. It also encourages exercise and motivates you by providing exercise videos on the site. The easiest way to find a buddy is to browse over the available teams. There is no longer an excuse not to exercise. Even people with limited mobility can find seated exercises among the video selection.

Setting goals

Setting personal goals within the website is also easy to do. The system is also designed to give rewards points, known as Sparkpoints, much like the classic system devised by another popular weight loss system. If you desire to commit to 15 minutes of exercise, eight glasses of water and 20 minutes of quiet reflection a day, you are able to track your progress. An accumulation of points leads to the Sparktrophy. Sparkpoints are even given for logging on each day.

Each team will explain rules of the chosen team since each one employs different techniques. You are free to post as often as you wish and be sure to ask questions or add your own suggestions. Don’t think you have to be glued to your computer all day either. You can also download mobile apps to take your Sparkpeople weight loss goals with you.

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