How Does Being Overweight Cause Fatality

Being overweight is one of the leading causes of death in the world. The usual causes of being overweight is due to eating much more calories than they burned.

When you are overweight, you are prone to sickness because of increase in cholesterol level in your body which contribute to sickness such as high blood, cancer, diabetes m heart attach, thyroid problems and many more.

Cholesterol can be driven off my doing exercise and through dieting. By avoiding eating too much food, it would greatly help you lower the calories  in your body which contributes to body fats and cholesterol level.

Dieting can easily be done  since it doesn’t require too much time to do but if you have problem dieting, you can try doing the hcg diet protocol which is a proven safe and effective dieting method.

The hcg diet protocol helps you by  controlling your hunger and thus leading to eating less calorie per day. Having less calorie intake means you are less likely to gain fat and bad cholesterol build up.

Although hcg diet is proven safe and effective. the commitment of  a person doing the diet is the most important of all. HCG is a tool the help you lose weight but deciding and committing to lose weight will still based on how you really want to lose weight and avoid being prone to any type of sickness that causes fatality to your health.

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