HCG Diet Side Effects

The use of HCG diet prescription for weight loss could bring several side effects depending on the intensity of its application and the body of the user. The HCG diet normally offers drastic changes in the body, especially for people who are using t for the first time. The HCG protocol for weight loss normally requires a diet with very low calories of up to 500 calories. The body is getting energy and nutrients from the consumption of the stored fats. However, the stomach has a hard time adapting since it is getting much less food than what it is used to getting. The choices of foods are usually specialized o vegetables, starches, fruits and meat, all in small amounts. The most limited foods are starches and fruits since they have higher sugar level than vegetables and meat. During the diet period, one is not allowed to take extra oils, fats or sugars. The fact this is a totally different diet from what one is accustomed to may bring some side effects.

One of the HCG diet side effects is headache. The first week may be a bit stressful due to minor headaches caused by the low calorie diet. This however can easily be solved by most over the counter pain killers. Mild dizziness might be experienced at times during the first week as your body gets accustomed to utilizing the body fat as a common source of energy. You can reduce the activity level for a while for the dizziness to end since it does not last very long

Bowel movements normally come less often; sometimes once every three or four days. Although this is not necessarily constipation, some people normally experience real constipation. This can be solved by taking a sugar-free, mild laxative.

The fact that the body is consuming a lot of fat at a high speed makes it release more toxins. Toxins at times can build up and form minor rushes. There are rare cases of leg cramps which may come as a result potassium lacking in the diet. When such symptoms occur, you can look for potassium supplements to curb the problem.

Most of the HCG diet side effects do not last very long. In case you experience a more serious headache which lasts for longer than ten days, you should consult a doctor for examination. Use of medication and supplement can effectively deal with most side effects.

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