Hcg Diet Recipes

Hcg diet is one of the natural effective ways of cutting down weight to the required level. The protocol is however a challenging experience which requires both dedication and discipline for good results. The hcg diet recipes for prescribed meals including breakfast, lunch and supper help make the weight loss process more effective. The recipe choice that you make when on the weight loss process can either build or break the entire process. There are several books that offer common recipes for the preparation of several low calorie meals. The accompanying injections enable people to quickly lose fat on the shoulders, upper arms, hips, buttocks and thighs and hence one can easily target where they want to lose more fat. Recipes give the right food combinations to achieve the right amounts of calories.

In the morning, the hcg diet recipes provided are for only tea and coffee which are the only allowed breakfasts during the diet period. You are allowed to take either of the drinks in any quantity and can flavor it with just one tablespoon of milk. Avoid using sugar. Among the recommended provisions in most of the lunch and supper recipes is using fat free beef or no fat when cooking stew. You can use onions, potatoes and other vegetables but they should not be in large amounts. Use chili regularly, which helps to build your appetite for diet foods as well as garlic powder. During both lunch and dinner, you can take some lean meat but only up to 100 grams. The vegetables should be of just one type and must be non starchy. A single slice of bread is allowed and the fruit taken should be only one and should be raw. When you have a feeling of constipation, you can take non-starch laxatives. A low calorie diet allows the body to harness the stored fat to production of energy.

There are no hcg diet recipes for snacks since they are not allowed during the diet period. Most snacks contain high fat content will not allow the body to utilize the stored fats. According to prescription, the diet should continue till the person involved has acquired his/her goal for weight loss. Despite the fact that many dieters do not stay for longer than three months due to the strictness of the protocol, many people still acquire a considerable weight loss within a short time if they stick to the right recipes.

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