Hcg Diet Plan

Hcg Diet Plan is not prescribed-by-doctor weight loss diet but it is proven to be safe and effective management system for your weight loss. It was designed and developed to help people manage their diet to weight loss. Detoxification and maintenance to your regular diet is the target goal of this HCG diet plan. It is said to be educating people to get out of their shell and make changes in their lifestyle and eating more on healthy foods, this system makes us feel better. Practitioners around the globe agreed in this manner of educating the entire universe.

Hcg 4 Phases of Diet Plan

> Phase 1

> Phase 2

> Phase 3

>Phase 4


The Hcg Diet Plan consist of four useful Phases, the Phase 1 or the Detoxification, The Phase 2 where the real work out happens, The Phase 3 and Phase 4 are the transition phase after your diet in preparation to your maintenance stage at the end of the your diet protocol. This HCG DIET PLAN is an aid for you to decide which diet protocols you should try comparing many other DIET PLAN out there. Lets now discuss each Phase.

Phase 1
This is where the Detoxification starts. A cellular level of detoxification on Hcg Diet Plan has a more powerful effects compare to the regular detox cleansing. This process targets the cellular level where disease originate it cleanses the body to keep away from disease. Cleansing alleviate constipation, help on weight loss, get rid from cellulite, firm the muscles and your vitality may improve greatly. Educating people to promote the significance of maintaining cellular level perfectly clean can make a worthwhile living in wellness and disease-free.

Phase 2

Weight Loss is the key to stay fit and healthy for those who are overweight, much more on obese people. This phase is where the Weight Loss Hcg Diet Plan concentrate. Your diet will lasts for about 3 weeks up to number of months depending on the amount of fats you wish to get rid of. This stage will give you the idea on how easy or hard the process will be. This will be beneficial to your well being upon achieving your objective.

Phase 3

After you reach your target goal for your weight in 3 weeks time, the days of transition will start on this phase. You can eat everything but avoid for sugar and starch. There are supplements that can aid your digestion and break down unwanted fats away from your body.

Phase 4

The HCg diet plan stabilization phase. You can eat all foods back into your diet. This is the moment when you reach the momentum of your self-control and able to see the fruit of your hardship. Complete weight loss has been served.

Your life time maintenance after undergoing the four phases listed above. If you have followed the HCG DIET PLAN exactly on its protocol, you will be able to lose around thirty pounds per month and promise not to go back on your unhealthy way of living. Find way also to observe your weight regularly.

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