HCG Diet – Injection To Oral Drops

HCG Diet Sign Or Coincidence

Before I did HCG Diet oral drops, I was doing HCG shots and before I knew about hcg diet, like anyone else, I struggled in losing weight.I am glad I’ve found out about hcg diet.

hcg diet sign

Don’t Ignore A Sign

Sometime in June 2006, I saw this hcg diet flyer ads that can help you lose weight 1lbs per day. Well ofcourse I did’nt believe hcg dietcan do that and said to myself, it’s too good to be true and so I ignore hcg diet. After a few days, I saw another ads claiming that you can lose 1lbs per day and upon inspecting the ads, it was hcg diet again, and so I ignore it again.

Three days later, while I was going to grab a food from a fast food chain, again I saw the same hcg diet ads and so I said to myself, Is this a sign? I know this story may sound silly but guess what, I tried hcg diet which you need to take HCG shots; HCG being injected into your body.

After two weeks of going through HCG Diet shots, I notice that I already lose 15lbs and to my excitement I also recommended this hcg diet to a friend of mine who is struggling from being overweight. My friend did also an HCG shots and lose a couple of lbs in just a short period amount of time and because of this achievement we went on a family group vacation.

HCG Diet Vacation

While we were on a vacation, I met an old classmate of mine who is a doctor and I told him about this hcg diet weight solution that help us lose weight. Little that I know, my old classmate already knows about hcg diet for a long time and so he suggested us to take hcg diet drops 1x instead of injections since it’s cheaper and less hassle. He also told me that the hcg diet drops 1x and injection has the same effect.

Upon returning from our vacation. I followed my classmate advised to do the hcg diet oral drops.
And after several days since I started using hcg diet drops 1x, I am already saving a lot of money and still losing weight.

I immediately decided that I will be doing hcg diet oral drops instead of injection since oral drops area cheaper, no hassle and mostly it works like the expensive hcg diet injection.

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