Is Hcg Diet A Fiction

HCG detractors believe to ridicule HCG products to give way to their weight loss fallacy. However the truth on effectiveness of HCG diet has been proven a long time ago, more than fifty years ago from the time of its discovery and still acceptable by the ones who belief in the wonders of this weight loss drop which can assist an overweight person’s obesity to bring back their normal life, for some, it is the best cure for obesity problems. Why because they see rapid inspiring results when they step on the scales every morning.

HCG defines as the Human Chorionic Gonadorophin, compose of the hormone found in the urine of a pregnant women. It was discovered by a British physician named Dr. Simeons. He stated that this breakthrough will end the false hope of obese people from other weight loss items.

Critics have compiled the following fiction you may experience taking HCG products:

Birth abnormalities Headache
Prostate Cancer Early puberty
Pelvic pain Stomach pain
Swelling of legs and hands Diarrhea
Shortness of breath Breast become tender
Vomiting and Nausea Reduction of penis size

These are all misconceptions. You shouldn’t take any weight loss treatment during your pregnancy because it is normal to gain weight during this precious time for your baby’s health and yours as well. The cause of Prostate cancer is unknown and these are experiencing by man out of old age. Pelvic pain, swelling of legs and hands even shortness of breath is not cause by taking hcg diet drops 1x. hcg diet drops 1x only help control your food intake with no hazardous implications. As for the headaches, this is because your body is changing and releasing the toxins in your body, drink more water to assist in flushing the toxins out.

Through the existence of many claimed weight loss products to do miracles on your body. They start to publish scams on proven effective weight loss drops like hcg diet drops 1x. You would not experience vomiting and nausea or anybody changes except to lose weight. Puberty is genetic, some experience it earlier compared to others. Stomach pain and diarrhea wouldn’t be caused by taking this, only if they misuse the product. Reduction of penis size has nothing to do with the treatment. Breast becomes tender to women during their menstrual period which caused by the glands secretion during this time. You can be depress if the product won’t work and that will not happen by taking HCG because you will be satisfied on the results can bring you becoming slimmer and healthier again. Remember its not just about the hcg 1x diet drops its also what you eat and how much you eat and the diet protocol teaches this to us.

Therefore HCG diet protocol is in fact the most rewarding and effective weight loss experience. Buy now at and experience its positive effect on you. Worry-free.

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