HCG Diet Drops: FDA Bans Homeopathics

HCG Diet Drops made as Homeopathic Compounds have been the subject or controversy for some time now. Finally, the FDA stepped in and placed a Ban on all Homeopathic Formulas claiming to contain HCG. Just as this Industry was taking off, letters went out to several Homeopathic HCG manufacturers to “Cease & Desist”, from making or distributing such remedies. To add insult to injury, consumers were advised to dispose of any products they may still have in their possession, and stores have been instructed to remove this item from their shelves.


So what was so bad about this type of manufacture? Well, since you asked, you see, the mixtures were very unstable, and would degrade quickly. Even shipping would cause these products to lose potency. The complaints that went to the FDA were about the products not working. When the product was first received, it would show some results. After a short period of time, there would be no results.


HCG, or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, has been around since the 1950’s. It would surface and fade away. It was only available as a prescription requiring injections in a doctors office. It was, and is, very popular, but is expensive, and painful. Then, somebody had the bright idea to make HCG Diet Drops as a Homeopathic Remedy. Bad idea, the ingredients in a formula made this way, just doesn’t work, as you can see.


Meanwhile, scientists at Blueline Products were watching all of this from the sidelines. They were intent on creating a liquid HCG product that would do as promised, and be completely legal. First, they created a formula that included a bunch of Botanical Ingredients and also HCG.


Researchers finally discovered a way to “Map” the vibrational-frequency of each ingredient, and transfer this unique frequency to a stable substrate, in this case they are using Pharmaceutical Grade Glycerin. The new product, Vibrational HCG Reduce 1x Diet Drops, is in complete compliance with the FDA’s new act.


Reduce 1x with Vibrational HCG is only part of the story, this formula also contains Raspberry Ketones, described on the Dr. Oz TV Show as: “A weight loss miracle in a bottle”. It has an appetite suppressant to prevent the feeling of starvation during a diet. This new formula is also fortified with an energy source that will keep an individual energized throughout the day.


Over one-million bottles of this new formula have been sold. Reams of Testimonials attest to the effectiveness of the product. These great tasting HCG Diet Drops come in 7 flavors, including the Bubble Gum Flavor.


There is also a great opportunity to start your own home based business in this weight loss arena, with Blueline Products Company behind you. Check out this opportunity of a lifetime at their website.


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