Hcg Diet Dangers

hcg diet dangersThe hcg diet is a safe weight loss program and pose no threat to our health at all. The hcg diet has been around for decades and no report has been ever made about hcg diet causing serious health problems.One of the hcg diet known controversy is that hcg diet 500 calorie is said to pose serious health problem when done. But when you think about the 500 calorie diet, you only assume that it is impossible or not safe to do because it’s like not eating anything. The mere fact is that all of those things just come from our thoughts because you can no longer consume foods that you usually eat like pizzas, burgers, colas, etc.

In a 3rdworld country, you can see people eating less than 500 calories a day for several years but here in the U.S., some people even doctors over exaggerate about the calories that we consume. Some test even shows that people who consume 500 – 800 calories day are even healthier than people who consume 2500-3000 calories a day.

The hcg helps our body fight the obstacle of hunger because our body is used from consuming large quantity of foods rich in saturated fat and calories. The hcg diet help us consume healthy foods and avoid foods that are rich in saturated fat and cholesterol.

Just remember that any diet is not safe when done incorrectly or abuse. If you are going to do the hcg diet weight loss program, be sure that you follow the hcg weight loss guide.

The most important rule you should follow during hcg diet are:

  • Avoid missing a dosage
  • Do not take a dosage twice if you miss one.
  • Be sure that you are using real hcg diet drops 1x
  • Don’t even think about cheating yourself

HCG Diet weight loss program is a very effective and safe method when done properly.

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