Giving The Word ‘Spa’ A Whole New Meaning

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘spa’? A glistening pool or pond; a vegetable or fruit based facial; a relaxing massage; aroma therapy; a mud bath maybe? How about something else entirely; let’s say acne treatment, Botox injections, unwanted hair removal and other beauty and skin care treatments? Not exactly what you had in mind? Well as they say, times they are changin’.

What To Do About Blemishes

Blemishes on your skin can be embarrassing and have a direct effect on your self confidence. Fortunately, today, there are things that we can do to repair skin blemishes: treatments for rosacea, acne scars and sunspots; chemical peels; laser treatments; and other restoring, rejuvenating and regenerating products and therapies can work wonders on many once thought permanent blemishes and skin conditions. Even aging is no longer an absolute. Oh sure you’re going to age, thus far there’s no stopping that. But thanks to Botox and more severe surgical methods, it is now possible to turn back the clock. Wrinkles can be treated with everything from creams to the just mentioned invasive surgeries; and everything in between.

Sometimes along with age comes varicose veins; they used to be just another part of your body that there was nothing you could do anything about. Not anymore. Tiny surface capillaries, varicose veins and spider veins can now be treated, reduced and sometimes removed. In addition to wrinkles being removed we can also treat people that have problems with their pores or fine lines not falling under the classification of wrinkles. Whoever said that you couldn’t find beauty in a bottle, or a scalpel, or a cream, or a jar…? The list goes on.

Your Aunt Bertha’s Mustache

Women with embarrassing facial hair are now able to have it removed; as well as the hair on their arms, under arms, legs and other areas. Laser hair removal isn’t just considered a cosmetic procedure but is now so common that it is more for convenience than anything else (anywhere but on the face). This used to be the kind of procedure that only Hollywood celebrities could afford; these days, it might still take a little saving, but it’s no longer out of reach for your average individual.

If you’re not a female, you may not even realize some of the painful procedures that females go through just to look and feel fresher and not quite so hairy in certain places. Waxing is something that no one should ever have to submit themselves to. Why go through all that pain and discomfort when a simple laser treatment can do the trick? If only poor Aunt Bertha had known about laser treatments; kissing her wouldn’t have felt like kissing Uncle Joe. Ah, the miracles of time!

Well that may be so, but eventually someone’s going to see you without that make up. Some of the biggest Hollywood celebrities have had to fight with skin conditions such as acne. Here are just a few: Kourtney Kardashian; Catherine Zeta Jones (ooh Baby); Katie Holmes; Angelina Jolie (ooh Baby, Baby); Carrie Underwood; Victoria Beckman; Megan Fox; Nicole Kidman; Penelope Cruz; Jessica Biel; Anne Hathaway; singing sensation Pink; Eva Longoria; and the ever beautiful, ever radiant Demi Moore (and did I mention ageless?). You would never know to look at some of these beauties that they fought with some of the same skin conditions that plague not only today’s teens but adults as well.

If I Could Turn Back Time

Thank you Cher; and speaking of Cher, what lengths will some of today’s Hollywood celebrities go to in order to maintain what they feel is some semblance of youth. There’s always going to be the Hollywood celebrity that went under the knife; aka plastic surgery/facelift. But what about the Hollywood celebrities that don’t want to go to that extreme?

First of all, kudos to them. Secondly, what other option do they have? In a word: Botox. Here are some celebrities that have reportedly received Botox treatments: Nicole Kidman; Jennifer Aniston; David Hasselhoff; Simon Cowell; Kim Kardashian; Jenny McCarthy and (say it isn’t so) Vanessa Williams.

Hello, folks, I am Chad and the spa of my choice is Ethos Spa. My advice to all ladies out there is that you should do your online research before committing to any one… It’s the only skin you’ll ever have!

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