Are Your Friends Controlling Your Diet?

Failing to maintain your diet feels really bad. You have the best of intentions yet you always seem to slip up on a daily basis. The problem with this situation may not be you. The people you surround yourself with may be to blame. Even if you have the best of intentions, they can go by the wayside when your family and friends get involved.

Pay Attention

Next time you slip up on your diet think about the reasons why this happened. If it was because you had some of the chips you keep on hand for your husband or you indulged in dessert because your friend did, you may be on the right track to pinpointing your problem.


Your friends are not always be the best influence on you. They often select the restaurants where you eat and how often you go out. You may decide to have a beer or a glass of wine because your friend is drinking. If your friend orders an appetizer and an entrée, you will likely do the same. It’s natural for a close group of friends to subconsciously mimic each other’s habits.

The Enemies Within

Weather you realize it or not, your family has a huge influence on the way you eat. From your earliest moments your family is dictating how you eat. Your primary caregiver chooses your first foods and how often meals occur. These are the foods that are going to be familiar and comfortable to you. If your mother cooked calorie-laden meals with few fruit and vegetable options, you are likely to do the same in your own home.

No matter how good your intentions are, if your spouse or children bring diet busting goodies into the house it’s going to be hard to refrain from yielding to the temptation. There’s always that one weak moment where your son’s chocolate sandwich cookies are too irresistible.

It’s a Regional Thing

The area you come from will heavily influence your diet. If you are from the southeastern United States, your diet is likely not going to be earning any gold stars. Take a look at the culture of what you eat. If your background includes salty treats or fried foods, you need a diet makeover. There is no need to give up your favorite foods. Healthier versions of regional favorites are often readily available.

Awareness is Key

Now that you know how your friends and family may be unintentionally tricking you into eating more than you wanted, you can get back on the track to being your most beautiful. Every time you have the opportunity to cheat on your diet, stop and think. Pinpoint the cause and do your best to eliminate it. Don’t trust yourself to do the right thing. Keep tempting foods out of the house and inform your family of the changes. You may be surprised to find how supportive they can be. You can’t give up going out with your friends, but you can make it very clear to them that you are eating healthy and ask them to keep you accountable at dinner dates. Your eating habits will rub off on them and skipping dessert or that high calorie beer will be a breeze.

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