Foods to Eat to Help Burn Calories Faster

Contrary to the opinions of some, the kinds of food you eat can dramatically impact your weight loss goals. Nutritional content is more important than calories. Eating the right kinds of foods can help your body become the kind of efficient machine you want to help lose weight. Here are a few foods you may not have thought about that can directly aid this process.

Spicy foods

This represents more of a category of food, but all kinds of spicy foods like peppers and cinnamon generate similar effects in the body. Addition of these foods into a reasonably-sized meal will increase your body temperature temporarily. This throws the body’s equilibrium slightly out of balance, and it will work to burn off some of the excess heat. Higher temperatures make the metabolic enzymes in your cells work faster and more efficiently.


All varieties of this leafy vegetable promote a good biological load in your intestines. Eating unhealthy foods can change the population of bacteria in your gut. This leads to inefficient absorption of nutrients and, ultimately, overconsumption. Cabbage helps to restore a healthy population of bacteria and may help prevent cancer.


In terms of a snack, it’s difficult to beat celery. Overall, it takes slightly more calories to digest that what is offered by the celery itself. Since it is high in fiber, it can be quite filling without wrecking your diet.


These fruits are naturally very sweet so you can get your sugar cravings fulfilled. They contain enough fiber to be far more satisfying than candy bars or other sweets. It’s insoluble fiber, too, which actually helps inhibit the absorption of other calories during digestion. In addition, berries are naturally high in antioxidants and nutrients that promote good health overall.


Besides providing fresh breath, parsley is known to increase circulation and the fat-burning capabilities of the body.

Vinaigrette dressing

This is one of the most appetizing sources of vinegar you’ll find. A little oil with vinegar on a salad actually reduces the body’s response to sugar intake. The result overall is that your blood sugar is lowered after a meal. This reduces the stress put on your body and limits the absorption and storage of glucose as fat.


This vegetable is very high in fiber and nutrients, so you can eat relatively little to achieve satiety from your snack. It is important that you don’t overcook the broccoli, though. Eating raw will ensure that you get the most nutrition out of your snack or side dish.

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