Find the right weight for strength training

Some university researchers embarked on a research to find out if beginner exercisers were lifting the correct amount of weight during their exercise periods. They identified thirty men and women and asked them to choose the amount of weight they wanted for five different exercises. Amazingly, most of the participants chose weights that were too low to result in any
significant physical impact (Between 42% and 57% of their respective One-Rep Max).

For any particular type of exercise, the highest weight that you could possibly lift is the one-rep max if you only need one repetition. For those people who want to lift weights for strength training, then they need to lift weights that is between 60% and 70% of this one rep max. Your trainer can easily identify this and help you out. However, one of the shortcuts to identifying this yourself is through a schemed trial and error method. If you lift weights with proper form for about 8 times, then persist on that amount of weight until you can do it for about 15 times. Then it’s time to increase your weight level. Go to the next weight and change after you attain 15.

Different exercises require different amounts of weights. It is however difficult to attain some strength levels in some exercises than others. People have a tendency of going for the exercises that they can easily manage without much strain. While it’s true that any type of exercise has health benefits of its own and is beneficial to your body, people doing strength
and endurance training may need a bit more than just the normal exercise if they have to attain their dream. Exercise could however prove disastrous if there is pain or too much straining during the process. The muscles should be given enough time to heal after strenuous exercises.

For people aiming at boosting their sports performance, then they should seek to do the specific sport exercises depending on the targeted muscles. People aiming to boost their performance in rugby could need more general body strength than those practicing for football expertise.

Exercise is meant to graduate you from weak to strong level. Research has come up with average targets which can be attained with certain exercises during a given period of time for people within different strength levels. If you identify your target, then it would be easier to perfectly identify your starting weight and advance quickly to your goals.

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