How To Fall Asleep When You are Sick

Young Couple Sleeping

When people suffer from the flu, a bad head cold, or another infection, they may find it difficult to rest at night.  Their congestion, upset stomach, body aches and pains, and other symptoms interrupt their sleep and keep them up during the overnight hours.  Instead of feeling better, they feel worse the next day.  However, health experts note that techniques exist that can help sick individuals sleep better.  Using over-the-counter products and altering the position in which one sleep may allow that individual to fall asleep despite his or her being sick.

Sinus congestion and pain make it impossible for some people to breathe; the problem becomes worse when they recline and try to rest.  When they are lying down, the mucus in their noses drains into their throats, causing them to cough.  Even worse, the inflammation in their sinus passages swells because of their prone position. Many over-the-counter products assist in decreasing these symptoms.  Notably, eucalyptus oil has been appreciated for its effect in opening sinus passages and facilitating breathing.  The smell of the oil can penetrate the inflammation.

For that reason, people may benefit from dabbing a few drops of eucalyptus oil under their noses at bedtime or whenever they want to rest.  Moreover, they might apply some of the oil on their chests, ribs, backs, and necks.  Applying it to these areas allows the oil to penetrate into the body and opens up the restricted airways in these body zones.  This oil also eases sore muscles that may be strained from coughing.

Finding this product can be relatively simple.  People generally can find it at their local health food stores or in the organic products section of their favorite grocery.  They also can find it online on various all-natural health product websites.  Having a supply of this oil on hand allows sufferers to face future infections better and minimizes the amount of time they spend being sick.

In addition to using eucalyptus oil, health experts suggest that changing one’s position at night may help that person sleep well.  Many people like to lie flat on their beds.  However, this position increases the amount of mucus that is produced, as well the swelling of that person’s nasal passages.  To facilitate better breathing, these experts suggest propping oneself up with several pillows until that person is lying in a semi-upright position.  With that, he or she might breathe better and be able to sleep.

Additionally, sufferers might benefit from running a cool mist humidifier in their bedrooms.  Cool mist has been proven to moisten people’s noses and throats; this in turn lessens the amount of mucus their bodies must produce.  The moisture in the air also helps minimize their coughing.

Along with these techniques, improving one’s diet may help that person recuperate faster.  Scientists have proven that hot tea with honey, as well as chicken broth, really do improve people’s immune responses.  Eating these foods before bedtime might help people’s bodies fight the infection better.  The foods are also warm, thus giving them comfort and perhaps even aiding in making them feel sleepy.

Sleeping well while one is sick always proves to be a challenge if that individual is congested, suffers from frequent coughing, and has sore muscles.  However, using eucalyptus oil and resting with several pillows can help.

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