Don’t Be Another Statistic

There is a very unhealthy epidemic in the United States right now.  Two thirds of the American population is overweight.  The fastest growing group among those considered overweight is the obese and morbidly obese.  That is just staggering information.  And adults aren’t the only ones who will suffer from obesity.  One in two children will be considered overweight just by the end of this year alone.  Obese children are often the targets of bullies and not just the ones their own age.  Teachers, other adults, even members of their own family will ridicule and exclude them.  The sad part of all this is that obesity in children is totally avoidable.  A healthy diet and active lifestyle, our children will maintain a healthy weight.  They need the help and example set by their parents.  If that happens, we can nip the problem of childhood obesity in the bud.

Exercise and Diet didn’t Work, so now What?

If you are an adult, the answer isn’t so simple.  Along with obesity, adults may face depression, body hatred, embarrassment and humiliation, self-loathing, and a whole host of missed opportunities.  Job discrimination, job denial, and poor personal relationships are also affected.  Adults need the help and acceptance of a more caring, understanding, and accepting society.  It is possible to find the support needed all over the country and the Oklahoma Weight Loss Surgery network of doctors is one of the best there is right now.

Weight loss surgery is nothing to be taken lightly.  It is a very specialized field due to the risk it entails.  Before you make an uneducated decision, do some research to find out more about the surgery.  Once you have made the decision, there a few things you need to know and do.  The most important part of this journey is your surgeon.  Chose him or her wisely.  Once you have a surgeon, you may have their office set up everything else for you.  This may be the easiest route to take.  However, most will recommend that you take an active role in your surgery process.  After choosing your surgeon, you will meet with him/her and put together a packet, which needs to include a letter of necessity, for your insurance company.  That is step number one.

A Lifetime Commitment

Once you take that first step there are things you are going to need to help prepare you for your surgery.  Making sure you understand the surgical procedure is imperative.  Knowing what will happen after the surgery, rapid weight loss and possible side effects will help you deal with anything that may come up.  Remember that you won’t be able to return to your old eating habits and you will have to watch what you eat for the rest of your life.  This is a LIFETIME commitment.  Talking to others who have had weight loss surgery will help as well.  They may be able to help you understand what will start to happen with your body.  Start keeping a journal to record your feelings and eating habits.  A journal is also a great way to record all the wonderful things you’ll be able to do and you want to accomplish once you reach your goal weight.  But, most importantly, gain the support from your friends and family.  They will be a driving force during the down times when it’s hard to keep your head up.

There are many things to consider while contemplating surgery. There are many doctors in the Oklahoma Weight Loss Surgery network that can help you reach your goal.  Let them help you start a brand new life.


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