HCG Diet Side Effects

The use of HCG diet prescription for weight loss could bring several side effects depending on the intensity of its application and the body of the user. The HCG diet normally offers drastic changes in the body, especially for people who are using t for the first time. The HCG protocol for weight loss normally […] Read more »


Top 3 Exergames (Exercise Games)

Top 3 exergames. What are ‘exergames’? Exergames is a term that has been coined for the next generation games that use the whole body to ‘play a game’ that is usually fitness related. They are a fantastic way of getting kids up and moving and also getting families together with the intention of fun and […] Read more »


Zumba Review and My Zumba Tricks

I have to say that probably the biggest reason people fail at sticking to their workouts is the lack of motivation and they hate their workouts. So, to solve that problem you need to find a workout that is always moving and always motivating and a hell of a good time! Zumba has become the […] Read more »


Is a Vegetarian Diet Cheaper or More Expensive?

A balanced vegetarian diet provides all the necessary nutrients for anyone, including teenagers, children, and breast-feeding or pregnant women. These diets are centered on grains, beans, legumes, nuts, fruits, and vegetables, which can be cheaper than meats. The important aspect to consider about vegetarian diets is the affordability of its products. However, there are many […] Read more »


Pull Ups – Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

The pull up is one of the most practical, powerful and multi-functional exercises there is. Simply hanging from a bar and lifting yourself up is something that requires very little space and no more equipment than an iron bar or a tree branch. However in doing so you will greatly train your lats (an oft-forgotten […] Read more »


What You Need to Know Before Purchasing an Exercise Machine

There has been a battle between joining a gym and purchasing at home exercise machines. Though each option offers benefits, it basically comes down to what is better for you. If you have the drive and discipline to workout at home, a home exercise machine could offer more benefits than going to a gym. However, […] Read more »

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Don’t Be Another Statistic

There is a very unhealthy epidemic in the United States right now.  Two thirds of the American population is overweight.  The fastest growing group among those considered overweight is the obese and morbidly obese.  That is just staggering information.  And adults aren’t the only ones who will suffer from obesity.  One in two children will […] Read more »