Blueline Products Declares War On Unemployment

Launch Of Wholesale Opportunity Aimed At Increasing Private Sector Jobs
UTAH, May 24, 2012 – —- As the unemployment rate remains a high 8.1%, and jobless persons running out of Unemployment Insurance, Dave Smith, CEO, could not stand idly by and watch people agonize over how they will support there families. He says: “As long as I can provide an opportunity for people to earn some money, why wouldn’t I do it to help my fellow Americans?”, he goes on to say: “ I sleep better at night knowing I made a difference in so many lives, I love it”.

The fact is, that the Blueline Product lineup are hot sellers. This makes it easy for people to get in on this ground floor opportunity, where they can start their own business, without investing a dime in inventory, and we will Drop-ship direct to their customers. Anyone can become a Dealer or Distributor. A website is not a requirement, but Blueline will design and Host their website if they would like one. Dave Smith recommends that new Dealers and Distributors try the product themselves, so they can see that this is one product lineup that really works.

Their proprietary process uses vibratory and micro-encapsulating technologies, to turn out their cutting edge products. The competition is doing flips to find out how to copy their products. Blueline is clearly the leader in this type of formulation. When a customer makes a purchase, he is not left out in the cold.

Blueline had enough forethought to come up with a complete Diet Plan Strategy, along with an eBook of Recipes. They also provide information for the user to count the calories they consume, and make better food choices. Blueline also teaches the importance of keeping a Journal on your caloric intake. Blueline Products provides complete support for it’s Dealer and Distributor Programs. Sales Aids are available for Direct Sales, as are Press Releases to aid in marketing. So many people have changed their lives as a result of this effort. “It’s a great feeling when I look at the thousand or so emails I get weekly, thanking me for offering this opportunity to the public”, Dave says. Also, they are producing training videos, Banner Ads for Internet Advertising, and Articles for Article Marketing. This is a real “Turnkey Business Opportunity”.

Tell everybody you know about this opportunity, people are looking for jobs all over the country…..this
is a chance of a lifetime.

Good idea to check it out, at their wholesale site:

Media Contact:
Dave Smith, Ceo
654 N 800 E #305
Spanish Fork Utah 84660

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