Blueline Products Releases Innovative Weight Loss Combo Pack


UTAH, May 10, 2012 –, has just begun it’s “Get Ready For Summer” promotion, with the release of a trio of Fast-Acting Formulas, which have proven themselves to thousands of people. The products are the subject of Forums, Chat Rooms and Social Media. People are Tweeting their success stories all over the Net. Reports of quick weight loss, higher energy, and less body fat, are too numerous to count.

A recent interview with Blueline’s Senior Lab Technician, reveals the products chosen for the Combo Pack, and why it is that they work so well. He explains that it is all in the formulas, and how the ingredients are delivered into the body. Blueline has a proprietary process that produces the most potent formulas available without a prescription, and with results that beat any prescription drug for weight loss!

The Quick Acting Weight Loss Combo Kit consists of three remarkable products:

1. Vibrational HCG Reduce 1x: Formulated for quick weight loss, with a potent appetite suppressant, and ingredients for an energy boost. Makes losing weight less difficult, because you are not craving food, and feeling weak, all at the same time.

2. Assist: A well thought out formula the helps your mind and body in several areas, the user will benefit by: Enjoying a deeper and more restful sleep, Reduction of daily stress and anxiety, Promotes healthy weight loss, Reduces food cravings, Helps balance your moods, and supports overall mind and body health. Nothing like it on the market today.

3. Advantage: Especially during weight loss programs, people complain of Burnout, Fatigue, Low physical and mental energy, Brain Fog, Mood Swings, and weakened immune systems. Each of these symptoms can be a sign that a person is experiencing a form of Adrenal Exhaustion. If a person feels ill on a Diet, there goes the Diet. Blueline’s Adrenal Formula is formulated using eight of the most effective herbs, and trace minerals, that when combined together yield unequaled results. It will rebuild, balance, and support the Adrenal Glands.

These, and other items, are now available at their online store:

This is the time of year when the weather turns really beautiful. People think of the Beach, that is until they look in the mirror. Their next thought is, “Gee, I need to lose some weight”. This is where independent dealers and distributors step in. The company offers a very generous wholesale program, and the products actually work, which drives repeat business.

Blueline is working on other cutting edge formulas that are sure to be blockbusters.

Media Contact:
Dave G Smith, Ceo
654 N 800 E #305
Spanish Fork, Utah 84660 (877-522-7673)

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