Blueline Products Declares War On Unemployment


Launch Of Buy HCG Wholesale Opportunity Aimed At Increasing Private Sector Jobs

Blueline Products has launched their “Get Ready For Summer” weight loss promotion,

and at the same time expanding their wholesale weight loss division.

UTAH, May 24, 2012 – ——– As part of it’s “Get Ready For Summer” promotion,

Lean6x made it’s debut at a recent Nutrition Products Expo. Clients were on hand to attest to the effectiveness of this brand new formulation. The folks at Blueline wanted to create a more potent formula, with even quicker weight loss. Their proprietary process uses vibratory and micro-encapsulating technologies, to turn out their cutting edge products. The competition is doing flips to find out how to copy their products. Blueline is clearly the leader in this type of formulation.

The ten herbs used as ingredients of Lean6x have been proven in Clinical Studies all around the world, to be effective as an aid to controlling weight loss, and suppressing the appetite, while at the same time providing the energy required to stay on the diet. Blueline had enough forethought to come up with a complete Diet Plan Strategy, along with an eBook of Recipes. They also provide information for the user to count the calories they consume, and make better food choices. Blueline also teaches the importance of keeping a Journal on your caloric intake.

Ingredients like Hoodia, have been used by tribes in Africa and South America for hundreds of years to suppress the appetite, while sustaining energy levels. Guarana is a natural source of caffeine alkaloids, and is great for endurance, adrenal support and mental alertness. How about an Indian Ayurvedic Herb, like Gymnema Sylvestre, that among other actions, reduces the taste of sugar. All of the ingredients are described on their very informative website.

This, and other items, are now available at their online store:

Spring has sprung, and its time to take off for the beach, and let some skin show. Many people are taken aback by their image in the mirror. It can be quite shocking to realize that you don’t look too buff anymore. This is what has created a vast market for people to become Dealers and Distributors for, and what a great opportunity to make some bucks. In this down economy, with so many people out of work, the Blueline Wholesale Opportunity is a very lucrative chance to strike it rich. Good idea to check it out, at their wholesale site:

Dave G Smith, CEO, Giterdonedave has on ongoing commitment to pressing forward with in-depth research into the best ways to deliver nutriceuticals to the public. Blueline Products has already changed the landscape in the weight loss industry with the release of Vibrational HCG Diet Drops, and their line of micro-encapsulated liquid formulas. Many more cutting edge products can be expected in the near future.


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