For Some Reason Billy Blanks Just Motivates Me

Tae Bo has been around for years but with as many new fitness philosophies that have come out, Tae Bo is still going strong. It could be that kickboxing is a great way to lose weight and Tae Bo is the highest level of kickboxing or Billy Blanks is just really motivating!

Billy Blanks was a martial arts enthusiast and champion and came upon the concept of a Tae Bo Workout by mixing dance moves and Tae Kwan Do. He then began to teach classes in his garage and the popularity spread very rapidly including to celebrities like Paula Abdul, Lou Diamond Phillips, and Pamela Anderson.

Billy Blanks realized he had stumbled upon something good and released the tae bo videos in the 1990’s. They sold like hotcakes and since then he has made countless more DVD’s and they always are in the top sellers in the fitness genre.

Billy Blanks is Awesome!

His story is a pretty amazing one. He was born fourth of fifteen children to a family in the town of Eerie, Pennsylvania where his life was rough and he dealt with dyslexia and hip joint problems. He started martial arts in his childhood and fell in love with it. It didn’t take long for him to rise to the top and start bringing home trophies.

The older he got the better he got and he earned himself an eighth degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, he was a seven time karate world champion, and a Massachusetts and Tri State Golden Gloves Champion. I wouldn’t want to make this guy mad.

After Tae Bo got really big, Billy Blanks decided to give back to the community and began the Billy Blanks foundation dedicated to giving young ones in high risk communities, like one he grew up in, to get the best opportunities and become the best they can be. He also flies around to American troops in other countries to give them free Tae Bo workouts and also contributes to the military in other ways.

Maybe the fact that this guy has been through so much and has accomplished so much more than jus the tae bo videos that makes him so motivational to me. It makes it easier to want to complete his workouts knowing who he is and what he has accomplished. I don’t feel worried at all putting my fitness into his hands.

Benefits of Tae Bo

So now we all know that Billy Blanks is a great guy but what is so special about Tae Bo? Tae Bo is more than just a good workout; it brings together body, mind, and soul, for a harmoniously good healthy good time. It is a great cardiovascular workout and also builds great cuts and tone in the muscles. In Tae Bo you will be doing a lot of kicking, punching, and hopping. It will help to increase your flexibility, coordination and balance.

Weight loss is the biggest reason most people stick with Tae Bo but there are so many more benefits to it. Since it is a martial arts, it helps with self-confidence, self-awareness, and mental focus and of course help with self defense.

Just like all other forms of exercise it will help to lower blood pressure, increase heart health, reduce stress and anxiety and improve the overall quality of your life.

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