The Best Leg Exercises

Whether you are male or female, one of the most often noticed body parts is your legs. While we maintain muscle strength by walking on a daily basis, oftentimes we do not walk enough. Couple this with unhealthy eating habits and you have a recipe for unnecessary fat and cellulite. There are exercises that are designed to not only help you lose the unnecessary fat and cellulite, but also help you to tone your leg muscles and keep them that way. Leg exercises vary because there are several different muscle groups that you target. It is important to work all groups equally to ensure that the legs are strengthened and toned.

Top 3 Exercises to Tone Your Legs

There are plenty of different exercises that are designed to tone your legs. The top three exercises mentioned here help to sculpt the perfect legs with ease:

Squats – Squats are very easy to do, but they require a lot of strength. No special equipment is needed to do squats. Most people, however, do not execute squats correctly. The strain of the squats should be felt in the calves, thighs and the hamstring area as well as the glutes, but never in the back. If you feel any pain in your back, you are straining too hard to carry out the exercise. Your back should always remain straight and your feet should be shoulder width apart, no more, no less. When you squat, squat straight down with your knees over your ankles. Hold the squat for at least two seconds and repeat.

Lunges – While squats work both legs at once, the lunge focuses on one leg at a time. The exercises is performed much like the squat in that the back is kept at a 90 degree angle. Starting with one leg, you take a big step – or a lunge, in this case – forward and bring your knee close to the ground without touching the floor. This exercise, much like the squat, will exercise all of the major muscle groups of the leg.

Leg Press – In addition to resistance training such as the squat and lunge, it is also necessary to incorporate some strength training. A leg press is a specialized weight machine designed to increase the strength of your legs. One very important thing to remember about the leg press is during use, never overextend your legs or straighten them. Doing so can put incredible pressure upon your knees and cause permanent damage.

Each of these exercises is designed to improve the tone and strength of your legs. Executing them properly is the key to achieving those well defined legs that you have been seeking. These are not the only leg exercises out there, but they are some of the most effective if they are done properly and continuously. When working out your leg muscles remember to take breaks in between workouts – taking a day or two off to let them heal properly.

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