Benefits of Losing Weight

There are many benefits of losing weight including physical, emotional and health advantages. Being obese or overweight is normally associated with the high risk of developing a variety of diseases including heart diseases, diabetes and cancer. Weight loss has proven more effective than medication when it comes to prevention of certain diseases and living healthy. When you reduce your weight, you drastically reduce the chances of contracting diabetes. Lower weight also reduces the chance of having high blood pressure and lowers the cholesterol level in the blood, improves sleep apnea and reduces triglyceride levels. When most overweight people lose just 5% of their bodyweight, they improve their glucose tolerance and lower the risk of contracting contravascular diseases.

When you begin losing weight, you experience the benefits of good foods. You start enjoying natural healthy diets and start developing a habit of living healthy. The adventure of developing new appetites for healthy foods is enjoyable and satisfying, knowing that whatever you are eating is beneficial to your body.

One of the benefits of losing weight which occurs only to the person involved is in terms of self confidence. Most overweight people tend to be very aware of the fact that they are overweight and tend to think that everyone in a group is silently despising them. When you lose weight, you build confidence to lead groups of strangers and people you are totally not used to. Your self esteem drastically increases and you begin seeing more of your strengths than your weaknesses. You can stand out of a group for nomination since you do not have that silent threat if feeling so big.

There are also dressing benefits of losing weight. Despite the fact that there are some people who don’t care much about their dressing when they are overweight, many people try to cover up their weight and try not to expose any oversized area of their bodies. They tend to put on baggy clothes that do not show their body shape. When you lose weight, you are no longer troubled when putting on jeans and tend to enjoy fashion more.

Exercise is never enjoyable for most oversized people. They tend to feel humiliated in group exercises and mostly do not participate in dances and gyms. They concentrate in things that do not put them on the spot and hence do not enjoy exercise. When you lose weight, no longer feel bad when participating in activities and you begin enjoying sports. You can enjoy swimming without the fear of people looking at you.

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