How an Average Woman Should Get in Shape

Isn’t watching TV sometimes depressing? You see various infomercials touting all of these diet and weight loss programs. Each one features a woman who lost an amazing amount of weight in a short time and now flaunts this great bikini body. You listen to them say, “It was so easy!”

Then at the bottom of the screen you might catch the fine print which says, ‘Results not typical’.

These ads and programs keep coming at us in droves because we want to lose weight, look fit, and of course do it as quickly as possible. Perfection in the eyes of ourselves and our peers is something that was ingrained back when we played with Barbies and will probably continue until we get too old to care.

So what does the average woman do?

Learn the Basics

The fundamentals of getting in shape and staying in shape have been around for years. Yes there are slight changes and adjustments as we learn more about fitness and nutrition, but for the most part the basic ideas are still the same.

  • Follow a good diet
  • Exercise regularly
  • Be consistent

It’s not rocket science and it isn’t really that hard, except for the last part. Being consistent can be really difficult because life is never consistent and we generally don’t enjoy those wacky diets and weird exercise programs.


Take some time to really learn about calories and food. Don’t just follow a diet plan blindly. Read lots of articles of types of foods, supplements, along with why you should eat what and when. Learn what all the rules are. Then try and develop a basic plan that works for you.

Don’t fall into the trap of trying to do a complete 180 on how you eat because it is difficult and unrealistic. It is also easier to follow a plan when you understand why you are doing it. Find out all the different kinds of foods you can and should eat so you have lots of options and don’t feel limited.


Find something you love, avoid things you hate. Let’s be honest, we do not stick with things we hate. That is why it is important to find some sort of exercise that turns into an enjoyable hobby. Dip your toes into a lot of things like yoga, running, cycling, Zumba, and aerobics. Then when you find something you like embrace it. Let it become part of your new routine in life because you want it to, not because you feel you have to.


Oddly enough if you work on the first two items and get to a place mentally where you enjoy what you are doing and believe in it, then consistency just happens. It is when you don’t like the food you are forced to eat and dread going to the gym that you struggle with consistency. Because when you are happy then things are easy to do.

The Bottom Line

Looking good is feeling good but nobody likes the awful struggle to get there. So instead change the game. Educate yourself and find what you like to do. Then use that knowledge and enjoyment to craft a program that excites you and you want to do and soon enough you will meet your goal.

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